Getting Started

Steps to Homeschooling with SCAIHS

Membership with SCAIHS

Fulfills the legal requirement in SC (option 2 in the law)

1. Apply

Complete the SCAIHS Application

2. Choose curriculum with the assistance of your own personal counselor.

You supply the curriculum, but your own personal SCAIHS counselor is available to provide assistance in choosing those resources from a wide range of options, including traditional, classical, Charlotte Mason, co-ops, online, and much more!
High School counselors provide assistance in designing a graduation plan to meet the goals you have set for your child.

3. Track your student’s yearly records in SCAIHS Central, our secure online member area.

You will be provided access to our online member area, SCAIHS Central, where you will list your curriculum choices at the beginning of your school year.
User friendly progress reports are completed online twice a year. These reports include:

  • Simple report of coursework completed
  • Total days of attendance
  • Final end of year grades required in high school, but non-graded can be used in lower grades (Excellent, Satisfactory, etc.)
  • Standardized testing is required every other year starting in 3rd grade. The purpose is to provide a tool that will assist you in your planning.

Printable course summaries and report cards are available any time. Transcripts are maintained and available for a small fee (free for seniors).

4. Receive Unlimited Assistance!

Your personal counselor and our full staff are available to assist you throughout the year with your homeschool needs. Phone calls, e-mails, video conferencing, and in-person meetings are available throughout the year.

Member Fees

First Child - $350
Second and Third Child - $50 per child
No additional basic charge for fourth or more children
No charge for K5 student when an older sibling is enrolled

Additional Fees (per student)
High School Fee - $100
Senior Fee - $50
Special Needs - $50

Other Membership Options
K5 Membership (oldest child is K5) - $45
Auxiliary - $100 (all students enrolled in approved diploma-earning program)

SCAIHS offers an installment plan of $100.00 down with the rest divided into monthly payments. There is an annual $40.00 service fee added to all installment plans.