Studying history can be overwhelming for homeschoolers. And it can be equally challenging for parents to figure out the best way to condense these lessons into something manageable and interesting. Sometimes the best way to learn about a specific time period, person, or event is to visit a place dedicated to that era, event, or person. If you live in South Carolina, you have some unique opportunities to soak up some history and culture. Here are some fascinating educational, historic sites you and your homeschooler can visit in South Carolina. 

1. Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historic Park

These two forts standing at the entrance to Charleston Harbor are now part of a National Historic Park that you can visit and learn about. The first battle of the U.S. Civil War happened at Fort Sumter, which changed America’s history forever. 

2. Ninety Six National Historic Site

The Western mountains of South Carolina were the home of many European settlements in colonial times. This well-preserved historic site illustrates what life was like for 17th and 18th-century settlers and the Cherokee Indians of the region who defended their territory. 

This was also the site of two Revolutionary War battles. The National Park Service runs the site, where they teach people about the conflicts and life during this time in history. 

3. Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum

This military museum is one of the top historical sites in the state. It takes visitors through retired naval vessels so they can learn what it was like to be at war at sea. You can fly virtual reality jet simulations on the deck of the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and climb down into the USS Clagamore Submarine. 

4. Reconstruction Era National Historic Park

Reconstruction was the period in American history just after the Civil War, lasting from 1865 to 1877. Its focus was to bring southern states back into full Union participation and guarantee new rights to slaves. This park in Beaufort chronicles this period, where black Americans exercised their rights to establish themselves in this nation. 

5. Robert Mills House and Gardens

Robert Mills is the famous architect who designed the Washington Monument. He also designed this mansion in 1823, and it has been preserved as a National Historic Landmark. You can visit to tour the home and gardens and learn more about this historical figure. 

6. Charles Pinckney National Historic Site

The Charles Pinckney National Historic Site is located on 28 acres of land in Charleston. Pinckney was a four-term governor of South Carolina and one of the principal authors and signers of the U.S. Constitution. Visitors here can view exhibits, films, and displays as well as enjoy a nature trail. 

7. Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail

Part of the 330-mile Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail passes through South Carolina. The trail commemorates the campaign of the Patriot militia during the Revolutionary War leading up to the battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. 

Add Educational Historic Sites to Your Homeschool Activities

When you choose to homeschool your children in South Carolina, you gain the flexibility to visit these locations and use them to supplement your history lessons. Adding the exploration of these educational historic sites in South Carolina to your homeschooling curriculum helps you move beyond the classroom to create a richer educational experience that supports your child’s interests and strengths. 

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