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SCAIHS provides educational counseling and encouragement to homeschooling parents as they shepherd their children through their educational journey. We assist parents in providing the best education possible to equip their students to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He leads.

Varied Approach

Educate your child in a way that supports their strengths and equips them for success.

Beyond The Classroom

We partner with families to provide an educational experience that applies to all of life for now and for their future.

Potential Realized

Each child is unique, homeschooling allows parents to guide their children into engaging their unique strengths. Let’s partner together to move them higher.

Don’t get stuck wondering if you can homeschool. Let’s partner together to make it work.

Supporting South Carolina’s homeschooling parents as they lead their children to grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man.

Experienced staff

Available to provide educational assistance

Online reporting

Track your student’s yearly records in SCAIHS Central, our secure online member area.


Of your student’s educational progress

Bookstore discount

15% off at our SCAIHS book stores

Creativity in curriculum

Choices and flexibility available in determining your own school calendar

Academic Programs

Elementary, Middle, and High School available

In-state, out-of-state

and international memberships available

Exceptional Learners

Comprehensive Guidance for Exceptional Learners

SCAIHS partners with parents and children to provide an educational environment where students can thrive.

What are the advantages to joining SCAIHS?

By endorsing both traditional and more creative approaches to education, SCAIHS allows for variety and flexibility in curriculum choices. Parents may use traditional curriculum provided by textbook publishers or nontraditional materials from various sources as well as field trips, travel experiences, computer programs, educational television/videos, and other innovations in technology.

Give your student the tools they need to succeed.

Our experienced and caring staff will work tirelessly to ensure you have the information you need to give your child the best education possible.

Our dedicated staff will guide you every step of the way.

Our experienced counselors will guide you as you are planning courses to meet graduation requirements and future goals for your student. This assistance includes long-range course planning, maintaining transcripts and documentation for college applications, and issuing a diploma upon completion. We help you reach the goals you set for your child.

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We will assist you in developing an education plan for your child.

3. See your student thrive with SCAIHS.

You will be able to access yearly records in SCAIHS Central, our secure online member area.

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