The holidays can be stressful enough on their own. Add a homeschooling routine into the mix and it can get a little overwhelming if you’re not prepared.

However, winter break can be a great time for homeschool families to get your kids ahead and prepared for the next year of study. While your kids don’t have to suffer through holiday homework, there are ways you can make this time both fun and educational. Your holiday plans don’t need to be dominated by tantrums if you set an excellent homeschooling schedule that promotes work-life balance!

Here are our tips for navigating holiday homeschooling without any tears:

1. Make it festive

Your first step to successful holiday homeschooling is to acknowledge the holidays – why not make it festive for them?

So, whether that’s dress-up days or Christmas-themed math problems to solve, you can guarantee that your kids will be more engaged if you make your classroom Christmassy.

Why not let them help put decorations up and plan Christmas-themed lessons?

2. Switch up the routine

Next, you need to switch up the routine a little bit – everyone deserves a break over the holidays, and that includes your kids! So, plan a few days off and let them have some chilled-out homeschooling sessions.

If you’re teaching them foreign languages, why not set up a Christmas film with subtitles to help them learn?

You can get support from online homeschooling services if you need helping setting up your holiday homeschooling routine.

3. Take a field trip

You don’t need to stay stuck in the classroom during the holidays, keep it sociable and take them on a trip!

Find a local Christmas activity and make it educational. Or, promise a trip to see the local Santa after they’ve completed several lessons.

4. Incentivize them

If your holiday plans include education, a Christmas incentive may be a valuable tool to keep them motivated!

The holidays are always filled with treats, so why not tie these treats to their productivity? Complete a worksheet, get a chocolate reindeer!

5. Enjoy some time off

Finally, don’t forget to have some time off from studies. Both you, as a dedicated educator, and your kids deserve a break over the holidays.

So, make sure that your kids know that if they work really hard during lessons, they’ll get some time to chill out and play with their new toys too.

The holidays are a great time to get ahead with schoolwork, but it’s not all about academia!

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