The decision to homeschool your children is a big one, but more families than ever have been switching to homeschooling in recent years.

No matter the reason, homeschooling your child has many benefits. You may be considering switching mid-year, which can be daunting.

South Carolina homeschooling does not have to be a painful process. Read on to learn more about it.

Decide on an Option

South Carolina homeschooling laws provide parents with three options for homeschooling their children.

Homeschool option 1 follows the local school district curriculum. However, the school district does not track a student’s progress or provide transcripts for graduation.

Option 2 is to work through SCAIHS. This is an attractive option for many parents. We track students’ progress and grades, counsel students, and provide nationally accepted transcripts.

Note that working with SCAIHS requires standardized testing of students every other year starting in third grade. The curriculum support, counseling, and lighter testing schedule make it a very appealing option for busy parents.

Option 3 entails homeschooling through an accountability association. This makes parents accountable for record-keeping. It also does not provide any curriculum support.

Withdraw From School

Once you have decided on an option, you must withdraw your children from their current school.

Most school districts simply require notice that you are withdrawing your students. Some may ask for proof of homeschooling. All of the South Carolina homeschooling options can provide a letter for proof.

Make sure that you get all of your child’s records from the school district before the withdrawal. Reading up on the curriculum they have already covered in class will also make your planning easier.

Go Over The Curriculum

The South Carolina homeschooling process varies depending on which option you choose. For option 1, you will be following your local school district’s curriculum.

If you have advanced children or wish to develop a more rigorous curriculum, SCAIHS has excellent curriculum support for parents who choose option 2.

Option 2 allows parents to select their own curriculum but provides support and suggestions to tailor-fit the work to their children’s needs. This support is ongoing for the duration of your membership with SCAIHS.

For option 3, you will have to choose and implement the entirety of the curriculum yourself.

Make a Game Plan

The most important part of starting homeschooling is to have a plan, and stick with it.

Setting daily hours and a year-round schedule will help keep your children (and yourself) on track with your planned curriculum.

While homeschooling gives you a lot of schedule flexibility, make sure that your students are hitting regular targets and benchmarks, and staying on task.

Make sure that your children stay involved in social activities, such as after-school clubs, sports, church groups, and volunteer work.

And finally, involve your children in their learning. Listen to their feedback and allow them to move on or take more time if they need to.

South Carolina Homeschooling

If you are looking for top-notch support for South Carolina homeschooling, SCAIHS offers a multitude of options. We are here to make sure your homeschooling is a success.

Please contact us at (803) 814-0353 or apply on our site if you are ready to begin your homeschooling journey!