Steps To Homeschooling with SCAIHS

Membership with SCAIHS fulfills the legal requirement in SC (option 2 in the law)

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1. Complete SCAIHS Application

Choose to Pay in Full or use our Installment Plan

2. Choose curriculum with the assistance of your own personal counselor.

You supply the curriculum, but your own personal SCAIHS counselor is available to provide assistance in choosing those resources from a wide range of options, including traditional, classical, Charlotte Mason, co-ops, online, and much more!

High School counselors provide assistance in designing a graduation plan to meet the goals you have set for your child.

3. Track your student’s yearly records in SCAIHS Central, our secure online member area.

You will be provided access to our online member area, SCAIHS Central, where you will list your curriculum choices at the beginning of your school year.

User friendly progress reports are completed online twice a year (January 7 and June 7; seniors May 15). These reports include:
• Simple report of coursework completed
• Total days of attendance
• Final end of year grades required in high school. A less formal grading system is welcome in the lower grades.
• Standardized testing is required every other year starting in 3rd grade. The purpose is to provide a tool that will assist you in your planning.

Printable course summaries and report cards are available any time.
Transcripts are maintained and available for a small fee (free for seniors).

4. Receive Unlimited Assistance!

Your personal counselor and our full staff are available to assist you throughout the year with your homeschool needs. Phone calls, e-mails, video conferencing, and in-person meetings are available throughout the year.

Member Fees

First Child – $350
Second and Third Child – $50 per child
No additional basic charge for fourth or more children
No charge for K5 student when an older sibling is enrolled

Additional Fees (per student)
High School Fee – $100
Senior Fee – $50
Special Needs – $50

Other Membership Options
K5 Membership (oldest child is K5) – $45
Auxiliary – $100 (all students enrolled in approved diploma-earning program)

SCAIHS offers an installment plan of $100.00 down with the rest divided into monthly payments. There is an annual $40.00 service fee added to all installment plans.

By choosing SCAIHS Full Membership you are choosing:

• To have year-round support from friendly and knowledgeable staff who will do everything they can to help you succeed
• An association that has been around since 1990 and will continue to be around for years to come
• Simple online reporting just three times a year
• Nationally recognized transcripts
• High school class ranking, enabling more students to be eligible for scholarships
• Assistance in establishing NCAA eligibility for your student-athlete
• Flexibility and the individualized plan that your student needs to succeed[/vc_column_text][/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”Financial Agreement”][vc_column_text]After submitting my application, should I withdraw my application before it has been approved, $100 will be retained. Any credit balance will be refunded. A withdrawal request must be in writing. Failure to complete my application by a given deadline will result in denial of my application and forfeiture of any credit balance.

After my membership has been approved, should I withdraw, I understand that I will not receive a refund. I also agree to pay any outstanding balance of my Total Annual Membership Fee even if I did not pay in full initially. If my membership is discontinued at any time during the school year, I understand that transcripts cannot be issued and records cannot be released by SCAIHS until all my records and payments are complete.

eCheck Transactions: If you are using a routing number and bank account number, you authorize SCAIHS to charge your bank account directly. The receipt of your signed application is the effective date of this charge. This payment authorization is valid for monthly payments for 9 consecutive months, and is to remain in effect unless I notify SCAIHS of its cancellation by sending written notice to our address or an email to If mailing check, you agree that the checking and routing number on your mailed check will be used for all recurring payments – monthly (on this day forward – 9 months).[/vc_column_text][/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”Statement of Commitment”][vc_column_text]As members of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS), we understand that SCAIHS believes the foundation of home schooling is built, in part, on the traditional family, established by a marriage between one man and one woman. We understand and agree that we are the persons ultimately responsible for the education of our children.

In keeping with this, we agree to meet the following requirements for the duration of our membership in SCAIHS:

Follow Section 59-65-45 of the South Carolina Code of Laws:
• A parent must hold at least a high school diploma or the equivalent general educational development (GED) certificate;
• The instructional year is at least one hundred eighty days; and
• The curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the basic instructional areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature.

Exercise diligence in teaching our child(ren) in a responsible manner.

Plan an appropriate course of study for each student and provide the curricula/materials.

Maintain a written record of school work, activities, and field trips for each student.

Maintain a portfolio of samples of each student’s academic work.

Meet SCAIHS standardized testing requirement (at minimum, every other year from grade 3 – 11), paying any associated costs.

Provide the following in SCAIHS Central:
• Course plans at the beginning of the year
• Attendance and course progress by January 7th and June 7th (January 7th and May 15th for seniors)
• Final grades by June 7th
• Standardized test results by June 7th (for applicable years)

Pay the annual membership fee on time, per the SCAIHS Financial Agreement.

Acknowledge that the SCAIHS membership year runs from June 1 through May 31.

Acknowledge that in keeping with South Carolina Code of Laws Section 63-5-30, SCAIHS will release student records to a parent if requested, unless a court order prohibits such release.

We understand that failure to fulfill any one of these responsibilities may result in probationary status for our home school or dismissal from SCAIHS. If dismissed, we understand the financial agreement will be enforced.