Special Needs

SCAIHS Special Needs Department

SCAIHS Special Needs counselors understand the challenges families are facing and seek to give them hope for the future through assisting them in finding resources and techniques that will work with each child’s unique learning style.

Trained in interpreting Psychoeducational Evaluations and other Special Education documents, Special Needs counselors are able to write and maintain important documents such as the homeschool versions of IEPs and 504 plans which are needed for daily instruction as well as submitting requests for accommodations for ACT and College Board.

Your counselor will be genuinely excited over all accomplishments, both large and small, and can give you valuable input in times of set-back.

Special Needs counselors assist parents of students who have physical, mental, emotional, and/or cognitive challenges from mild to profound. The information below is provided to guide you in determining whether the Special Needs department will best support you and your learner.

Services include all those offered in our other departments PLUS those listed below:

  • Curriculum guidance specific to each child’s special needs
  • Adaptive teaching methods
  • Interpretation of psychoeducational evaluations
  • Writing and maintaining important documents such as IEPs and 504s
  • Submitting accommodations requests for tests such as SAT, ACT, and PSAT
  • Guidance and resources for ESOL students
  • Valuable input for students working toward a SCAIHS diploma and college entrance

A student served by our Special Needs staff will carry no label other than homeschooled student.

When applying to SCAIHS, please list your child’s primary diagnosis and a brief description of his/her educational needs. This information will be treated with the utmost privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t want my child labeled?

A student served by the Special Needs Department is never identified as such. All correspondence, documents, and communication are kept strictly confidential.

What if my child already has an IEP/504 Plan or needs one?

Special Needs staff are able to write and maintain the homeschool equivalents of these documents

How is grade level placement determined?

Overall grade level is designated by chronological age unless a grade is being repeated. However, since we meet a student where he is, and take him as far as he can go at his own pace, students will sometimes work on different grade levels in any given year.

What about transcripts?

All students meeting at least basic high school level course requirements will receive an official transcript including GPA and Class Rank. For students not planning to meet basic requirements, please speak with your counselor to determine if a modified transcript would be appropriate and helpful for your student.