Though the warm weather is here to stick around, summer is coming to an end for many children across the country. It’s time for parents to start the difficult task of getting their kids back into a learning mindset. 

For homeschooled children this can be especially hard, because much of their learning takes place in their own homes and their daily schedules are less interrupted. So what’s the best way to prepare your children to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year? Here are our tips:

Make it exciting!

Attitude is everything, especially with impressionable children. Show your children that heading back to school can be fun and exciting by doing small activities that will ease them into the transition. The first step to starting a new school year is developing your routine. What time do you plan to start and end each school day, and what breaks are you planning for throughout the day? Keep in mind, if you’re homeschooling multiple children you may be creating multiple routines.  

One great way to start getting your kids excited is to involve them in these routines. Show them you value their input by asking them when they want to start their days, what ways they like to learn, and which lessons they’re most excited to get to this year. Getting them mentally prepared ahead of time will save you a big headache in the long run.

And perhaps the most exciting aspect of returning to school for kids is school supply shopping. Get your children ready by letting them pick out their new notebooks, folders, binders, pencils, and craft supplies. This is a great opportunity to get them thinking about their subjects and what they need for each of them. 

Ease into your new routine

It can be hard to transition from waking up whenever you want to following a strict routine. Save yourself the headache and begin to ease your kid into their new routines before the school year actually begins. Wake them up a little earlier each day, and start getting them to bed earlier each night. If you move slower through the process, it won’t be as big of an adjustment for them. This is a good time to start getting them reading as well. If you have a reading list, encourage them to spend a designated amount of time each day reading, or spend time reading to them.  

But your kids aren’t the only ones beginning a new routine – you are too! As parents, it’s just as important for you to get back into the teaching mindset. Go over the previous year’s lesson plans, and if you can, review them with your children to help refresh their memories and pick back up quickly. This is a good opportunity for you to review your methods too – which ones resonated more with your children, and what methods do they learn best from? Use that research to mold your lesson plans for the upcoming school year. 

Consult the experts

Homeschooling can often feel like a solitary activity for parents, but it doesn’t have to be that way! The South Carolina Association for Independent Homeschoolers provides guidance and resources for homeschooling parents and children, and we’re committed to making the transition from summer back to homeschooling as smooth as possible. Reach out today to speak to one of our trained counselors and start planning your upcoming school year.