Many teenagers get part-time jobs while in high school. But what if you have a homeschooled student? Is it a different situation? Here’s what you need to know about allowing your homeschooler to have a job during the school year. 

Should Your Homeschooler Have a Job During the School Year?

It’s not for everyone. But most teenagers can benefit greatly from having a part-time job during the school year. With a job, your homeschooled teen can learn:

  • Job search and interviewing skills
  • New job-specific skills
  • Working with the public
  • Independence
  • Personal financial management
  • Work-life balance

That said, some teens and families struggle to balance part-time employment with work. If a job is interfering with academic performance, it may not be the right choice. And if things like transportation are too challenging, other pursuits might be more valuable. 

Things to Consider If Your Homeschooler Gets a Part-Time Job

If you and your homeschooler decide that a part-time job is the right move, make sure you consider these things so your child’s experience will be a success.

Understand Your Local Laws

Some states require “working papers” for minors. In South Carolina, these work permits are not required for minors. But employers are still required to ensure they are complying with state child labor law restrictions. 

Specifically, minors under the age of 14 may not be employed in South Carolina, subject to a few exceptions. For example, children of any age can work in a business that is 100% owned and operated by a parent. And minors of any age can deliver newspapers. 

Avoid Working During School Hours

Depending on their age and your schedule, resist the urge to allow your child to work during school hours. In some cases, this may be against the law. In South Carolina, minors ages 14 and 15 may only work 18 hours per week (up to 3 hours per day), from the hours of 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Minors ages 16 and 17 are not limited by these scheduling restrictions. 

Have Your Teen Manage Their Own Schedule & Money

One of the many benefits of having your homeschooler work part-time is that it fosters a sense of independence. Allow your teen to work with their supervisor on their schedule and manage their own conflicts. Also, set up a bank account for them so they can learn the value of managing their own finances at such a young age. 

Get Access to the Homeschooling Resources You Need

When you decide to homeschool your child, you probably have a lot of questions and would welcome all the support you can get. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel this journey alone. Homeschool associations like the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) offer ongoing services and support for you and your homeschooler. 

Membership in SCAIHS gives you access to educational counseling, curriculum materials, and encouragement to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for more information.