When you’re a homeschool parent, making plans for field trips should be part of your curriculum. These outings are similar to traditional school field trips. But they have the added bonus of allowing your entire family to attend or doing so with another group of homeschoolers in your area. Here are some of the benefits of planning field trips with your homeschool student and some ideas that will help inspire your outings. 

Benefits of Taking Field Trips with Your Homeschool Student

Field trips are an excellent addition to your homeschool curriculum for a number of reasons. 

  • Improved learning — Field trips are a way to bring the lessons you teach to life and make them more practical. 
  • Opportunities for socialization — When done with other homeschoolers, field trips are a great way for your kids to interact with other children. 
  • Broadened horizons — Field trips can expose your children to new experiences and expand their interests. 
  • Change of routine — Field trips are an excellent way to bring variety into your homeschool routine. 
  • Tons of fun — Field trips are a lot of fun for both homeschool students and their teachers. 

10 Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers

One of the best things about homeschool field trips is their flexibility. You can choose when you’ll fit these outings into your schedule and may be able to avoid more crowded days or times. Here is a list of interesting and fun field trip ideas for your homeschool students. 

1. Visit Historical Sites

Assign your homeschooler a research project to identify historical sites in your areas. Then, add these sites to your list as places you’ll visit on upcoming field trips. 

2. Go to a Museum

This is an obvious choice but one you shouldn’t ignore. Even small towns have museums that safeguard their history and culture. Carefully space these out in your schedule so that you visit every museum in your area at least once. 

3. Tour the State Capital

How far is your state’s capital? It might be worth a trip to tour the capital so that your homeschoolers can learn about your state’s history and how government works. 

4. Find a Planetarium

Planetariums are fun experiences for homeschool students. These facilities can help your children learn about the universe and our solar system’s planets and moons. 

5. Go to the Zoo or Aquarium

If you’re fortunate, there is a zoo or aquarium within easy driving distance of your home. These places are great ways for kids to learn about animals in the world and broaden their perspectives.

6. Watch a Performance

Most communities have local theaters or symphonies. Plan a trip to one of these performances and have your children write something about their experience. 

7. Take a Nature Hike

Many local, state, and national parks have hiking trails that are free or low-cost to use. Pick a simple trail to get started and observe the plants, insects, and other animals along the way. 

8. Tour a Local Factory

Learning how things are made and watching people make them can be fascinating for children. If there is a factory in your area, give them a call and see if they will consent to a tour. 

9. Visit a Farm

Plenty of farmers are willing to open their gates to educate homeschool students about things like growing food and raising livestock. 

10. Go Shopping

Sure, you probably take your kids shopping all the time. But, this time, make the trip more deliberate and center it around things like money management, budgeting, or reading nutritional labels. 

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