Writing Strands: Beginning 2



For Grade Level 5-8

Writing Strands Beginning 2 will help your junior high student learn how to effectively master using sentences and paragraphs, main and supporting ideas, process of rewriting, point of view, and creating characters.

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Explore Language Arts Through Creative Writing!

Writing Strands Beginning 2 explores the art of writing effectively—and creatively! In this comprehensive course, students will discover how to create engaging sentences, craft vivid descriptions, introduce characters within a story, identify cultural aspects of literature, and so much more!

Through interactive, guided exercises students will learn how to:

  • Follow written directions
  • Structure sentences & paragraphs
  • Create character thoughts
  • Organize information
  • Design relatable characters
  • and so much more!

A Comprehensive Approach

Writing Strands Beginning 2 takes a comprehensive approach to language arts, teaching students how to construct effective sentences, present a logical sequence of events, and structure paragraphs while also developing the student’s reading, writing, and speaking skills. Students will learn how to read and evaluate literature, practice spelling, analyze worldview, and write a story!

Fully Updated for a New Generation!

With over a 30 year history, Writing Strands has proven itself to be a solid, powerful tool for teaching students to write and communicate clearly. Writing Strands Beginning 2 includes a convenient daily schedule and has now been fully updated, clarified, and simplified for ease of use.

Writing Strands Beginning 2 is a hybrid course that combines Reading Strands and Writing Strands Level 3 into one course. Worksheets are now provided to add structure to reading assignments chosen by the teacher.

Students will rotate writing and reading assignments each week—thus also learning to write through literature because good readers make good writers! Additionally, the Bible is now used as the literature base for teaching how story setting can be used to form captivating pieces of literature.

Writing Strands Beginning 2 Features:

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Student Worksheets
  • New literature component
  • 3-hole punched, perforated pages

Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 5x per week
  • Recommended Grade Level: 5 – 8
  • Self-Directed
  • Equivalent to Writing Strands Level 3

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