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This Activity Pack contains two important components your child will need to complete portions of each lesson: Student Worksheet Pack and Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack.

This is not a stand-alone product. Worksheet instructions are found in the Book D Teacher’s Guide.

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An essential part of WriteShop Junior Book D, the Activity Pack is actually two workbooks in one!

The left side contains the Student Worksheets, and the right side contains the Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack. Both are tear-off pads.


The Student Worksheet portion of the Activity Pack has 60 activity pages your child will use to complete parts of each lesson. Games, word banks, worksheets, and graphic organizers introduce children to lifelong writing skills such as brainstorming and self-editing.

Student Worksheet Pack includes

  • Pre-writing Activities
  • Skill Builders
  • Journal Prompt Pages
  • Brainstorming Worksheets
  • Reading Log Forms
  • Self-editing Checklists
  • Writing Skills Evaluation Charts


Make 10 Fold-N-Go grammar and writing guides, each devoted to a different skill. Simple rules, engaging examples, and practice exercises make learning or reviewing grammar fun! By the end of Level 1, your student will have assembled his own set of 10 portable reference folders.

Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack includes

  • 10 Fold-N-Go Grammar Guides printed on colored paper
  • 20 Fold-N-Go Bookmarks for quick review
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Answer Keys

You will also need 10 tabbed file folders (not included).

The Activity Pack is not a stand-alone product. It is necessary for success with WriteShop Junior Book D and requires the Book D Teacher’s Guide for instructions.


Each child will need his or her own Activity Pack. You may purchase one Activity Pack for each student, or you may reproduce pages for single-family use only. If you plan to make copies, please note the following:

  • Student Worksheet pages are white and will photocopy cleanly.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Fold-N-Go pages are printed on colored paper and may not reproduce well (with some printers, pages come out gray). If you plan to make copies of the white Student Worksheet pages, it is recommended that you also purchase an extra Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack (sold separately) for each additional child.

Product Details

Author Nancy I. Sanders
ISBN 9781935027140
Grade Level 3rd or 4th grade; may also be used with reluctant 5th graders
Format 2-pack wraparound book cover with tear-off pages, Student Worksheets make up half of the Junior Activity Pack, Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack makes up the other half
Pages 131
Required? Yes, you’ll need both teacher and student components
Companion Products Teacher’s Guide Book D, Time-Saver Pack D

Parent (and Student) Testimonials

I have been so impressed with the brainstorming worksheets. They are really powerful tools. As a lefty who thinks visually, I appreciate having all of the brainstorming arranged so usefully! It really does make the process of pulling the ideas out of the brain and arranging them in a logical manner so much easier.
Krystin, Kentucky

For my kinesthetic learners (a.k.a. very busy bodies but talented minds), they really enjoyed the pre-writing activities since the games are hands-on.
Tabitha, Meet Penny 

The Fold-N-Go folders are amazing reference tools! Your student will review and learn lots of different grammar and writing concepts with these fun folders.
Ami Brainerd, Walking by the Way

I love the various brainstorming sheets and checklists for the students, games and hands-on examples. WriteShop presents writing as something that can be fun!
Maureen, Spell Out Loud

My son is enjoying the process, having fun, and looking forward to doing the activities each day. That’s a giant step for him! 
Teresa, Washington

Every lesson, we looked forward to the student activities and the Fold-N-Go Grammar guide. The activities are just plain fun! We loved how you took each skill and made it into a meaningful game/activity that brought it to life. And the Fold-N-Go was an excellent resource to refresh his memory on skills, reintroduce forgotten concepts, and cement skills that are essential for writing. All of that was done in a way that took any fear or intimidation out of the process. 
Tammy, Florida

The way WriteShop Jr. has taught them to edit is awesome—they’re not afraid to look for errors. The Star Editing sheet gives them a great visual reminder of where to start and what to do next. All the editing tools really make it more of a game, and that goes a long way with my son.
Kelley, South Dakota

Please tell the WriteShop people to make another curriculum that I can do after this one.
Grace (age 10), homeschool student

Book D Student Worksheets

Lesson 1
Model and Teach: Sample letter of invitation
Pre-writing: Invitation Mix-Match (3 letters)
Skill Builder: Letter of Invitation – Build It!
Journal Prompt

Lesson 2
Journal Prompt
Colorful Character Interview
Self-editing Check

Lesson 3 
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check

Lesson 4 
Pre-writing: Sci-Fi Sandwich Cards
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check

Lesson 5
Pre-writing: Camp Whodunit cards
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check
Publishing: Mystery Bag

Lesson 6
Journal Prompt
Haiku Self-editing Check

Lesson 7
Pre-writing: “Tails” Game
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check

Lesson 8
Pre-writing: Stowaway! (4 pages)
Journal Prompt
Brainstorming Grid
Brainstorming Historical Fiction
Self-editing Check

Lesson 9
Skill Builder: Writer’s Ruler
Journal Prompt
Word Bank: How Do I Feel?
Star Editor Poster
Self-editing Check

Lesson 10
Pre-writing: Treasure Hunt
Skill Builder: Word Search
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check

Additional Resources

Blank Reading Logs
Reading Log Adventure
My Reading Log
A+ Reading Log
Reading Log Star

Blank Journal Pages

Evaluation Charts
Junior Writing Skills Evaluation Chart 1-5
Junior Writing Skills Evaluation Chart 6-10

Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack

Students will make the following guides using the Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack:

Lesson 1: Punctuation Marks
Lesson 2: Self-editing
Lesson 3: Nouns
Lesson 4: Pronouns
Lesson 5: Verbs
Lesson 6: Adjectives
Lesson 7: Adverbs
Lesson 8: Prepositions
Lesson 9: Capitalization
Lesson 10: References

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