The World’s Story 3: The Modern Age Set



For Ages 11-13

Angela O’Dell’s World’s Story series uses the same fun style of her popular America’s Story series to teach junior-high students about world history. Students will study the Age of Explorers through the modern day and learn all about the wars, revolutions, and culture changes that defined these times.

A teacher guide provides a full-year history course with a daily schedule, worksheets, hands-on activities, and research prompts.

Package Includes:

  • The World’s Story 3 (Student)
  • The World’s Story 3 (Teacher Guide)
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A Charlotte Mason inspired Journey Through World History!

The World’s Story 3 guides students in a trip around the world as they study history from the will study the Age of Explorers through the modern day and learn all about the wars, revolutions, and culture changes that defined these times.

In The World’s Story 3, your student will:

  • Study the growth of our world, from the first explorers to today’s modernized cultures
  • Discover Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and others who sailed the earth’s oceans
  • Visit the sites of major wars and revolutions, tracing the rise and fall of various nations
  • Learn about the discovery of new lands, the development of new technology, and the constant cultural struggle among people of all ethnicities
  • Study how modernization has radically changed politics, economies, cultures, societies, and worldviews all around the globe

Easy for teachers, exciting for students!

The World’s Story 3 is designed to be easy to use as it guides your student through an exciting adventure through world history as they:

  • Learn to retell history through the use of oral & written narration
  • Sketch their way through historical scenes
  • Create their own maps
  • Compile and study timelines
  • And study architectural styles from different time periods!

Exciting, interactive stories!

The World’s Story 3 brings history alive for students in an exciting way! Through engaging, conversational narrative, O’Dell interacts with students and draws them in to imagine the adventures, hardships, failures, and triumphs of the incredible events and civilizations that shaped the modern age.

The World’s Story 3 Set Includes:

The World’s Story 3 Student Book:

Full-color student textbook featuring engaging narrative and beautiful historic illustrations, photographs, maps, and cultural connections.

The World’s Story 3 Teacher’s Guide:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule saving you time!
  • Student worksheets for narration (oral & written), sketching, map adventures, & timelines.
  • Optional Digging Deeper activities
  • Special Project Ideas
  • Review sheets & answer keys
  • 3-hole punched, perforated pages for convenience

Course Features:

  • Approximately 45-60 minutes per lesson, 5 days per week
  • Designed for grades 6-8 in a one-year history course

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