The Mystery of History, Volume II, CD Audio Set



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The Mystery of History: The Early Church and the Middle Ages, Volume II, CD Audio Set

Written and Narrated by Linda Lacour Hobar

Spanning “The Early Church and the Middle Ages”, The Mystery of History Volume II covers Paul, Pompeii, St. Patrick, and King Arthur. It includes Augustine, the Fall of Rome, the rise of Islam, and the Crusades. As comprehensive world history, this volume looks at Iceland, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe, as well as the cultures of the Far East, the Vikings, and the Coptic Orthodox. Volume II ends with the classic works of Dante and Chaucer, the tragic death of Joan of Arc, and the invention of the printing press, which helped spread the Word of God to a world in need. None are too young to be fascinated with world history. None are too old to appreciate the revealing of God’s plan for mankind. Be it for class time, travel time, or bedtime – all ages can benefit from this educational listening library. (Accompanying text, and corresponding curriculum, is available in one convenient book as a separate purchase.)


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