The Homeschooler’s High School Journal

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The high school version of the journal is set up a little differently than The Homeschooler’s Journal. A few of the major changes were designed to document the educational progress of a single student in each of their high school years, so that these High School Journals would be their high school transcripts if they continued on to college.

The Test Score Keeper in the original was redesigned to allow for more pages to document grades within each subject, combined with a easy way to track their daily attendance if your state homeschooling laws require a certain number of days of education within a given school year to obtain a high school certification. Like the original journal there are 200 entry days which meets or exceeds most state attendance requirements.

Just like in the original each SUBJECT BOX can be changed on the fly, so that the same subject need not be taught each day. This allows for a greater number of subjects that can be documented on each lesson plan for that week. There is also an extra subject box for each day and within each subject box there are lines to assist in the recording information.

The lower right section of each five day lesson plan contains quarter hour clocks to allow for a unique way of tracking each 15 minute increment that a student spends in each subject during a five day period. (Some states require a set number of hours per subject per year for their accreditation of high school degree).

The Homeschooler’s High School Journal comes in five different colors: Teal, Green, Red, Yellow, or Purple. Like the original journal the cover is still jelly proof and is wire-o-bound. The journals will lay flat on your desk or can be wrapped around onto itself. If you would like a particular color please make a note in the comment section of your order.


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