The Diagramming Dictionary



A Complete Reference Guide for Young Writers, Aspiring Rhetoricians, and Anyone Else Who Needs to Understand How to Diagram English Sentences.

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This Diagramming Dictionary assembles into one handy manual all of the principles that govern diagramming the English language—from basic subject/predicate layout through advanced sentence structure and analysis. In every example, the simple subject is underlined once, the simple predicate is underlined twice, and the element being described is in green. Beautifully designed diagrams walk the reader through how to illustrate each and every part of the English sentence.

The Diagramming Dictionary can be used as a stand-alone reference work, or as part of the Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind series, an innovative program that provides all the grammar skills needed to write and speak with eloquence and confidence. Combine it with our Core Instructor Text and a Student Workbook and Key set to create a full year of powerful learning.

The Diagramming Dictionary will become your indispensable guide to eloquent sentence structuring and clear, grammatical writing!

Length: 80 pages, including color

Ages/Grades: Ages 11 and up, 5th grade through adulthood

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