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This guide provides four years of expertly designed writing instruction! You add your choice of material for narrations and copywork from your student’s other subjects or from your favorite literature. Or, if you want the same great instruction with no prep, check out the four levels of Writing With Ease Workbooks with everything already included!

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Now updated and revised with new content!

Young students who learn to write well need one-on-one instruction—something which your child’s classroom may not offer.

The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease, Strong Fundamentals: A Guide to Designing Your Own Elementary Writing Curriculum by Susan Wise Bauer will take you through the step-by-step process of teaching young students to write, over the course of four carefully graded levels of assignments. You add your choice of reading material for narrations and copywork from your student’s other subjects or from your favorite literature!

Drawing on her fifteen years of experience in teaching writing, Susan lays out a carefully-designed sequence of steps that will teach every student to put words on paper with ease and grace. This alternative plan for teaching writing combines the best elements of old-fashioned writing instruction with innovative new educational methods—and explains why so many writing programs fail.

In The Complete Writer series, Susan Wise Bauer turns every parent into a writing teacher. No experience is needed. She gives you two great ways to start Writing With Ease!

Two paths to Writing With Ease…

  1. Add your own reading, narration, and copywork passages, from outside sources, to this Writing With Ease, Strong Fundamentals, 4-Year Guide. You get four years of scripted writing instruction in one hardcover book or downloadable PDF file.

For each step in the process, a week of complete, scripted lessons, including reading passages and narration and copywork assignments are included. You can then choose to continue to work on the skills described by selecting your own reading, narration, and copywork assignments from the student’s history, science, and literature books, or from your own favorite texts. Parents and teachers who have strong opinions about the topics they prefer students to cover may wish to take this route.


  1. Get reading, narration, and copywork passages included in the Writing With Ease WorkbooksEach workbook covers one grade/level with four levels sold individually. Each Workbook contains scripted, step-by-step writing instruction and includes perforated Student Pages, appropriately lined according to the workbook’s level, for your student’s writing.


This Writing With Ease 4-Year Guide is not a required resource if you choose to use Levels 1-4 of the Workbooks. However this guide gives the teacher an overview of what your four years of writing instruction will look like as well as a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind them. It also provides helpful guidance in trouble-shooting for those who encounter difficulties. Combine the 4-Year Guide and Writing With Ease Workbooks for the ultimate in teacher support and the time savings of no-preparation workbooks!

The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease, Strong Fundamentals, 4-Year Guide Contents

  1. Susan Wise Bauer’s philosophy on writing instruction with an overview of what writing instruction looks like and how it progresses from elementary through high school.
  2. Teaching tips and additional guidance for problem areas
  3. Four years of scripted, step-by-step writing instruction designed for elementary-aged writers and for older students who still struggle. -You add your choice of source material for readings, narration, and copywork.


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