Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I & II (5th ed)



The 5th ed. Teacher’s Manual goes hand-in-hand with the student workbooks. It contains daily lesson plans, schedules, tips for editing and grading, answer keys, and student writing samples. This one Teacher’s Manual covers both WriteShop I and II.

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What’s new in the 5th edition?

  • Faith-neutral content
  • Updated, streamlined introduction
  • Updated content in some lessons
  • Updated answer keys
  • Updated parent-friendly schedules
  • Improved, high-resolution quality

With the Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I & II, you’ll confidently teach descriptive, informative, narrative, and persuasive writing. Lesson plans cover BOTH WriteShop I and WriteShop II, including discussion ideas, pre-writing activities, thorough explanations, and plenty of student samples. Teachers and homeschool parents alike will find many other helpful teacher resources in this idea-packed book.

The Teacher’s Manual helps ensure success of the program. Without it, the student workbooks lose much of their effectiveness. Only one-quarter of the TM contains lesson plans. The remainder of the handy, tab-divided manual is devoted to helping you learn to effectively edit and evaluate your students’ writing. One look at the Table of Contents will convince you that this meaty resource is no ordinary teacher’s guide!

The Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I & II includes

  • Clearly outlined teacher lesson plans
  • Instructions for many lesson exercises that are NOT found in the student workbook
  • Tips for editing, evaluating, and grading student compositions (including edited examples of actual student work)
  • Suggestions for addressing problem areas
  • Instructions for using student and teacher checklists
  • Answer keys to Skill Builders and pre-writing activities
  • Extensive appendix offering hundreds of ideas for lesson expansion, persuasive essay topics, creative fiction, projects, and writing across the curriculum

This is not a stand-alone book. The Teacher’s Manual provides parents and teachers with the tools they need to teach both WriteShop I and WriteShop II, but please note that it does not include copies of student pages. While the student book is written directly to the student, the Teacher’s Manual is still needed to teach the course, as the it contains specific lesson instructions, keys, and evaluation notes.

Product Details

Author Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar
Grade Level Junior high and high school
ISBN 9781935027478, 9781935027485
Format tab-divided sections, Soft cover with plastic-coil binding; lies flat for ease of use
Pages 248
Required? Yes, you’ll need both teacher and student components
Companion Products WriteShop I student workbook, WriteShop II student workbook, Copying & Dictation Exercises
Religious content? No

What Parents Are Saying…

WriteShop gives you so much help that it is surprisingly easy to critique the student’s writing. Each lesson has specific instructions for the teacher as to what problems to look for and how to help the student correct them. My dd’s writing has become much more clear, interesting, and persuasive.
Amy, Texas

Thank-you for taking the fear out of teaching writing.
Martina, VT

This is an awesome program. I started it last year with my 7th grade daughter, and now she is moving on to the second year. This year my 6th grade son started using it. I am appreciating many helpful things the second time through that I didn’t notice the first time … I have seen great progress in both my kids, and will continue to use the program with the next 2.
S. Cullip, HomeschoolReviews.com 

What I like about WriteShop is it is so organized, and very teacher and student friendly. It not only teaches the student how to write but the teacher how to teach. I can actually see the purpose of each assignment and how it will lead the student in becoming a better writer.
Kathy, Utah

My biggest delight in any curriculum is to find mom-friendly guides and also objective forms of evaluation. WriteShop has both. Because you have designed it so well, I can use the format with all three children I homeschool. It covers most learning styles.
Nancy, Michigan

We have had two children from our “Yellow School House” graduate from high school and move on to college. They have done very well on their college papers, essays, etc. I give most of the credit to WriteShop for helping me teach them so well!
Michelle, Yellow House Book Rental

There is no perfect writing program, that’s for sure. But for a mom who’s insecure about her role in teaching or grading this subject, WriteShop does a splendid job. You can tell these [were] home school moms who know what other home school moms need!
Joanne, Texas

As for writing, I think my favorite is Write Shop. From brainstorming to final draft, it offers tools to help you teach and evaluate with confidence. It’s packed with ideas, prewriting activities, thorough explanations, as well as samples. What I really like is that it focuses on using precise vocabulary, sentence variety, and clarity, while offering a solid writing foundation in incremental lessons.
Joan, retired writing tutor

Thank you so much for putting together the WriteShop curriculum. It is easy to use, and your method takes the mystery out of writing. I particularly like the evaluation sheets which make grading less subjective. I always felt like my daughter was a good writer, but I didn’t know how to push her to the next level. Thanks again for sharing your skills and expertise with the rest of us.
Kim, North Carolina

Scope & Sequence: WriteShop I & II

WriteShop I: Fundamentals of Writing

Lesson 1a   Introducing WriteShop  Concrete Writing/Using a Thesaurus

Lesson 1b   Describing an Object  Concrete Writing/The Writing Process

Lesson 2     Describing a Pet  Conciseness

Lesson 3     Describing a Person  Paired Adjectives/Editing

Lesson 4     Describing a Circus Performer  Concrete Writing/Topic Sentences

Lesson 5     Describing a Food  Sensory Description

Lesson 6     Describing a Season  Similes/Limiting Narration

Lesson 7     Describing a Place  Present Participles

Lesson 8     Explaining a Process  Informative Writing/Sequencing

Lesson 9     Writing a Factual Report  Informative Reports/Avoiding Plagiarism

Lesson 10   Writing a Concise Biography Conciseness/Appositives/Adverb Phrases

Lesson 11   Introducing Journalism  Writing a News Article

Lesson 12   Writing a Narrative of an Emotional Event  Narratives/Prepositions

Lesson 13   Writing a Narrative of Another Person’s Experience  Conducting an Interview

Lesson 14   First-Person Point of View  Point of View/Personification

Lesson 15    First-Person Point of View  Limited Omniscience/Tense

Lesson 16   Third-Person Point of View  Omniscience/Past Participles

WriteShop II:  Advanced Writing Applications

Lesson 17   Describing an Object Reviewing Concreteness & Sentence Variations

Lesson 18   Describing a Place Reviewing Sensory Description & Sentence Variations

Lesson 19   Writing a Short Report Outlining

Lesson 20   Exaggeration Descriptive/Informative & Descriptive/Persuasive

Lesson 21   First-Person Point of View, Part 1  Descriptive/Narrative

Lesson 22   First-Person Point of View, Part 2  Changing Points of View

Lesson 23   Narrative Voice First- and Third-Person Narrative

Lesson 24   Persuasive Writing (Writing an Ad) Writing to Convince

Lesson 25   Opinion Essay Intro to 5-Paragraph Essays/Parallelism

Lesson 26   Letter to the Editor Developing Points through Outlining

Lesson 27   Compare or Contrast Essay, Part 1 Venn Diagrams

Lesson 28   Compare or Contrast Essay, Part 2 Venn Diagrams

Lesson 29   Essays That Describe or Define Developing Points through Outlining

Lesson 30   Timed Essays Writing within a Time Limit

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