Study and Teaching Guide for the History of the Ancient World



This Study and Teaching Guide, designed for use by both parents and teachers, provides a full curriculum with study questions and answers, critical thinking assignments, essay topics, instructor rubrics, and test forms. Explanations for answers and teaching tips are also included.

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Contains Instructor Section (the first half of the book) and perforated Student Pages (in the second half).

The Study and Teaching Guide, written by historian and teacher Julia Kaziewicz in cooperation with Susan Wise Bauer, makes The History of the Ancient World even more accessible to educators and parents alike.

Because in 30 years your high-schooler won’t remember who asked whom to the prom, but she WILL remember who Hammurabi was.

(We can assert with confidence that she really won’t remember. There are several reasons for this. The first has to do with complex neurochemical deterioration in the brain as people age, but we don’t know the details because we spent Anatomy Class wondering who would ask whom to the prom. The second has to do with the fleeting nature of youthful infatuations, though, on a cosmic scale, all of life is fleeting, and one day even the Sun itself will be but a fading memory, and we tend to think about these things after we watch Nova and before we’ve had our coffee. The third reason is that your high-schooler is homeschooled and her brother didn’t accept her prom invitation.)

Note: the map exercises require tracing the maps from The History of the Ancient World. If your copy of that book is in Kindle format, and you plan to do the map exercises, you’ll want to get our PDF pack of all the maps used in this Study Guide.

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