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The Perspectives in Literature teacher’s edition is a three-volume set that equips educators with 6th grade literature lesson plans and many other resources to help students both enjoy and succeed in reading. This teacher’s edition includes teaching strategies that promote active learning, ideas for differentiated instruction, discussion questions, and writing assignments that incorporate the writing process.

What do the 6th grade literature lesson plans include?

Lessons in the teacher’s edition follow a four-stage teaching cycle: engage, instruct, apply, and assess. Each lesson includes detailed instructions and a wealth of strategies to help educators guide students toward reading success and a biblical worldview.

  • Engage: Capture students’ attention by reviewing previous material, activating students’ prior knowledge about the new material, guiding visual analysis of illustrations or photos, and more.
  • Instruct: Use a variety of strategies—including Think-Pair-Share, close reading, discussion as a class and in small groups, and graphic organizers—to help students grasp the concepts and develop the skills they need.
  • Apply: Help students apply what they’ve learned to real life through biblical worldview discussion questions, collaborative activities, and writing assignments.
  • Assess: Use both formative and summative assessments to evaluate students’ understanding.

Features of the Perspectives in Literature Teacher’s Edition

The teacher’s edition includes valuable resources for giving students a rich, varied learning experience as they learn to enjoy and evaluate literature.

  • Guides for presenting biblical worldview shaping themes and addressing objectionable elements
  • Guides for maintaining academic rigor and providing a supportive learning environment
  • Detailed lesson plan overviews
  • Discussion questions that go beyond recall to analysis, application, and evaluation
  • Reduced student pages for easy reference
  • Differentiated instruction suggestions for struggling readers, English language learners (ELLs), and advanced readers
  • 160 lessons on selections from the student edition
  • 20 lessons per novel study in Volume 3
  • One teacher copy of each novel for the novel studies, The Book of Three, A Single Shard, and Island of the Blue Dolphins

Instructional aids that include vocabulary context sentences, graphic organizers, written material for display, and project rubrics.

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