Perspectives in Literature Student Edition (3rd ed.)



This literature textbook builds 6th grade reading comprehension by providing students with grade-level-appropriate selections that represent different genres, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences. To provide opportunities for biblical thinking, each unit is centered on a biblical worldview shaping theme. By following the Reading Process Approach within this 6th grade literature textbook, students will develop the reading strategies and literary skills they need to comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and respond to each selection.

How will the text build 6th grade reading comprehension?

The 6th grade literature textbook will teach students to use reading strategies that help them gain more from their reading. Students will complete close readings, predict what might happen in a story, and more. After reading, students will find reading comprehension questions prompting them to analyze and evaluate what they read.

For additional 6th grade reading comprehension questions, check out the Perspectives in Literature activities book.

What genres will 6th graders read from?

  • Fiction: realistic fiction, humorous fiction, allegory, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, social novel, and mystery
  • Traditional stories: myth, folktale, tall tale, legend, and fable
  • Nonfiction: informational text, autobiography, biography, narrative nonfiction, Biblical epistle, Bible account, memoir, and humorous essay
  • Poetry: free verse poetry, biblical poetry, rhymed poetry, haiku, hymn, and narrative poetry
  • Other: speech and play

BJU Press Literature 6 Biblical Worldview Shaping Themes

  • Relationships
  • Knowledge
  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Evil
  • Making Choices

Features of the 6th Grade Literature Textbook

  • An essential question for each unit
  • A Big Question for each selection
  • Before Reading segments that introduce the Big Question, the genre, author’s craft, reader’s craft, and any necessary background information
  • During Reading questions that prompt students to use reading strategies
  • After Reading questions that require students to analyze and evaluate selections
  • A glossary of selected vocabulary words
  • A glossary of literary terms

This BJU Press Literature 6 textbook, used in conjunction with the teacher’s edition, is the foundational piece of the BJU Press 6th grade reading curriculum. The Perspectives in Literature student textbook is included in the subject kit.

This student textbook, used in conjunction with the teacher’s edition, is the foundational piece of the BJU Press reading program. Additional components for support while teaching this course will be available on Teacher Tools Online.

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