Math 6 Teacher Edition (4th ed.)



The 6th grade math teacher’s edition is a two-volume set that equips educators with 6th grade math lesson plans, teaching strategies, and a variety of other resources for providing a successful learning environment for students. Lessons are organized clearly and logically to support the educator in teaching students math concepts and to guide them in developing a biblical worldview of math.

What do the 6th grade math lesson plans include?

Lessons in the teacher’s edition follow a teaching cycle that offers educators a path for guiding students toward success with sixth grade math. The teaching cycle follows four steps:

  • Engage: Illustrations, pictures, and discussion questions encourage students to become involved in the learning and gain an interest in math.
  • Instruct: Teaching strategies include modeling, math tools, and collaborative learning activities.
  • Apply: Students will be encouraged to use math to help and serve others; STEM activities direct students to create solutions to real-world problems; Math Talk sections promote deeper discussion of concepts and encourage critical thinking.
  • Assess: Teachers may complete formative assessments through chapter reviews, spiral cumulative reviews, and classroom discussions; chapter tests and STEM activities provide opportunities for summative assessments.

Features of the Math 6 Teacher’s Edition

The teacher’s edition includes valuable resources for giving students a rich, varied learning experience that provides the practice and review students will need to develop understanding and automaticity with math concepts.

  • Suggestions for leading discussions
  • Guides for presenting and applying biblical worldview themes
  • Collaborative learning activities
  • Opportunities for differentiated instruction
  • Math Talk features
  • Guides to STEM lessons
  • Examples for mathematical modeling
  • Leveled instruction

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