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This book provides high school students with an in-depth look at the elements of art and composition through a comprehensive text designed to engage them in the creative process as they produce original drawings using graded pencils and charcoal. High school students can begin this book without prior knowledge of art and work independently without the need for parental instruction. The organized content and conversational tone is equally engaging for both the novice and the more experienced art student. Students learn how to see the world like an artist as they are introduced to topics such as space, line, texture, and value. Each unit is crafted for focus on one art element while exploring the topic in four unique ways.

Students explore their world in engaging studies designed to strengthen observation skills as they learn about the creative process. The student gains insight about artists and movements in Western art. Art appreciation lessons show how each element is used through the study of art from European masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Durer, Raphael, Tintoretto, and more. Technique and application pages allow skills to develop naturally, as the student works independently. The unique feature of the book is the way students learn from its pages, choose a subject to draw from their own environment, and then easily apply the new information to their own art. Four special assignments show how artists combine elements of art and broaden the student’s experiences with art materials. The book provides content for a full credit with the completion of sixty-eight finished drawings in pencil and charcoal media that are both original and entirely the student’s own. Upon completing the course, students will be prepared for a college art-related course with a thorough knowledge of the foundational principles of art.

Media Introduced: drawing pencils, vine charcoal and compressed charcoal.

  • by Brenda Ellis.
  • Publisher: Artistic Pursuits Inc.
  • Comb-binding, 92 pages, 68 lessons, 186 illustrations.
  • ISBN: 978-1-939394-08-8 January 1, 2013, 3rd Edition Ages 14 and up

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