Heritage Studies 3 Teacher Edition (4th ed.)



The Heritage Studies 3 teacher edition offers daily 3rd grade social studies lesson plans for teaching 3rd grade geography and social studies skills. Educators will find notes and discussion guides for helping students to meet the learning objectives and biblical worldview shaping goals. Additional resources and activities are also available in the teacher’s edition.

What do the 3rd grade social studies lesson plans include?
Lessons in the teacher’s edition follow a teaching cycle that offers educators a path for guiding students toward success in 3rd grade social studies. The teaching cycle follows four steps:

Engage: Review questions, visual analyses, and group activities generate student interest and prepare them to learn; folk tales also draw students in and encourage interest.
Instruct: Suggested teaching strategies include discussion questions, active and collaborative learning activities, and primary source evaluation.
Apply: Activities pages reinforce student learning, help students evaluate cultural beliefs and practices, and provide opportunities for them to apply biblical knowledge to their lives.
Assess: activities, guiding questions, and class discussions give opportunities for formative assessments; tests and quizzes provide opportunities for summative assessment.
Features of the Heritage Studies 3 Teacher’s Edition
Discussion questions with notes and guides
Guides for presenting biblical worldview shaping themes
Suggestions for collaborative activities
Directions for completing activities that improve geographical literacy and visual analysis skills
Reduced student pages
Suggestions for differentiated instruction
Suggested weblinks for supplementary resources

ISBN – 978-1-64626-073-7
Author – BJU Press
Copyright Year – 2022
Edition – 4th ed.
Format – spiral
Length – 368 pp.
Grade Level – 3
Publisher – BJU Press

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