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This Key to the Red Workbook, along with the accompanying Red Workbook and the Core Instructor Text, make up Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind: a complete course that takes students from basic definitions (“A noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea”) through advanced sentence structure and analysis—all the grammar skills needed to write and speak with eloquence and confidence.

This innovative program combines the three essential elements of language learning: understanding and memorizing rules (prescriptive teaching), repeated exposure to examples of how those rules are used (descriptive instruction), and practice using those rules in exercises and in writing (practical experience).

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Program Features

• Scripted lessons make it possible for any parent or teacher to use the program effectively.

• Step-by-step instruction takes students from the most basic concepts through advanced grammatical concepts such as modal and hortative verbs and multiple functions of noun clauses.

• Extensive diagramming exercises reinforce the rules and help technical and visual learners to understand and use the English language effectively. All diagrams are thoroughly explained to the instructor/parent.

• Text for examples and exercises are drawn from great works of literature, as well as from well-written nonfiction texts in science, mathematics, and the social sciences.

• Regular review built into each year of work.

• The program is easily customizable to each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Program Components

Each year, parents and teachers go through the scripted dialogue, rules, and examples in the Core Instructor Text. Instructor notes thoroughly explain any ambiguities and and how to handle concepts that the student may find difficult. This text will be used for all 4 years of instruction.

Students follow along in any color Workbook. There are four Workbooks, one for each year, but are not done in any particular order. Each Workbook contains the same rules and examples—but each has completely different sets of exercises and assignments, allowing students to develop a wide-ranging knowledge of how the rules and examples are put to use in writing. This repetition solidifies the concepts, definitions, and examples in the student’s mind.

A Workbook Key, of matching color, provides not only answers, but also explanations for the parent/instructor, and guidance as to when the answers might be ambiguous (as, in English, they often are).

All of the rules covered, along with the repeated examples for each, are assembled for ongoing reference in The Grammar Guidebook. This will become the student’s indispensable guide to writing through high school, into college and beyond. This book is not required for the program but is highly recommended!

The Diagramming Dictionary assembles into one handy manual all of the principles that govern diagramming the English language—from basic subject/predicate layout through advanced sentence structure and analysis. In every example, the simple subject is underlined once, the simple predicate is underlined twice, and the element being described is in green. Beautifully designed diagrams walk the reader through how to illustrate each and every part of the English sentence. This book is not required for the program but is highly recommended regardless of the grammar program you are using!


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