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First Language Lessons is a simple-to-use, scripted guide to grammar and composition that makes successful teaching simple. This consumable Student Workbook, used alongside the Instructor Guide, gives you everything you need to spend more time teaching and less time preparing lessons, making copies, or gathering supplies.

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Level 3 consists of two products: this Student Workbook and the Instructor Guide which is sold separately. Together they make a complete grammar text that covers a wide range of topics- including parts of speech, sentence diagrams, and skills in beginning narration.


    • 345 perforated, consumable pages of exercises for your student. These includes the following :
    • 89 Grammar Lessons with poems for memorization, empty sentence diagram frames, and blank lines perfectly sized for young students’ copywork, dictation, and narration.
    • 7 Writing Letters Lessons
    • 7 Dictionary Skills Lessons
    • 7 Oral Usage Lessons
    • Definitions, Rules, and Lists

This Student Workbook does not include the necessary teaching material nor the directions for how to complete the assigned exercises. Those are found in the First Language Lesson Level 3, Instructor Guide only. The Instructor Guide is a necessary resource when using this workbook. 

Additional Resources

Are your grammar skills a little rusty? If you didn’t have the benefit of a classical education that included instruction on how to diagram sentences (like the education your children are getting -those lucky ducks!); don’t fret! Stay a few steps ahead of the kids and be able to answer all their questions by adding The Grammar Guidebook and The Diagramming Dictionary to your library. They’re a great resource for all things grammar and the kids will get use of them in the coming years when they’re trying to write those college essays (Ack! It’s coming sooner than you think)!

For a complete writing program, add Writing With Ease!

Need Help?

If you are trying to decide between Level 2 and Level 3 for a third grade student, you can begin in Level 3 because it reviews the concepts taught in levels 1 and 2. Level 3 is appropriate for students in 3rd grade regardless of their level of prior grammar instruction.

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