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First Language Lessons Level 3 reinforces the grammar and writing concepts introduced in the previous levels. It also introduces new material, including sentence diagramming.

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Level 3 is designed to follow Levels 1 and 2, but it can also be used as a first grammar text for older students. The optional end-units on writing letters, dictionary skills, and oral usage allow you to tailor the instruction to the needs of your child.

Program Components

Level 3 consists of two products: this Instructor Guide and the Student Workbook which is sold separately. Together they make a complete grammar text that covers a wide range of topics- including parts of speech, sentence diagrams, and skills in beginning narration.

This Instructor Guide has the same, simple-to-use, scripted format as the previous levels.

The accompanying Student Workbook makes it easier for busy parents to spend more time teaching, and less time preparing (you don’t have to hand-draw any diagram frames!).

For a complete writing program, add Writing With Ease!


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Additional Resources

Hey Mom and Dad, has it been a few years since you learned to diagram sentences? Do you want to stay ahead of your kids? You’re in luck! We have The Diagramming Dictionary, a complete reference for anyone and everyone who wants to understand how to diagram sentences.

Get The Grammar Guidebook too, and you can finally host the perfect Grammar-themed party where you impress your friends and family with your Grammar prowess and amazing sentence diagramming skills!

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