Biology Complete Microscope Lab Kit



This kit is for use with Discovering Design with Biology.  This is not required if you are not doing the microscope experiments.  This kit consists of the microscope and slide set.

Slide set contents:

  • Blank microscope slides
  • Slide coverslips
  • Methylene blue
  • Iodine
  • Three medicine droppers
  • Lens paper
  • Prepared slide: Onion Tip Root
  • Prepared slide: Leaf cross-section with vein
  • Prepared slide: Ascaris mitosis
  • Prepared slide: Paramecium
  • Prepared slide: Amoeba Proteus
  • Prepared slide: Diatoms
  • Prepared slide: Euglena
  • Prepared slide: Volvox
  • Prepared slide: Spirogyra
  • Prepared slide: Hydra budding
  • Prepared slide: Planarian whole mount
  • Prepared Slide: Zea Mays Root cross-section
  • Prepared Slide: Zea Mays stem cross-section
  • Prepared Slide: Ranunculus Root cross-section
  • Prepared Slide: Ranunculus stem cross-section

Microscope Specifications:

  • All-metal body construction
  • Monocular head with ergonomic 45° incline, 10X Wide-field ocular lens and 360° rotation
  • Triple-revolving nose piece featuring achromatic 4X, 10X, and 40X objective lenses
  • Dual-layer mechanical stage and clip for precise slide movements (makes moving slides easy and accurate!)
  • Abbe condenser (0.65 N.A.) for better contrast adjustment
  • Transmitted light from a variable-intensity LED
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with safety stop
  • Power via plug-in adapter (included) or by 3 AA batteries (not included)

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