ARTistic Pursuits: Painting with Watercolors (Advanced Level, Art Core 6)



ARTistic Pursuits Art Core program give students in grades 4 to 12 the opportunity to create projects that help them understand the Big Ideas of art. Each level consists of 36 lessons: 9 video lessons and 27 lessons in the textbook. Video lessons model art materials, techniques, and color theory, and how to use them. The hardcover textbooks take your student on a journey through the history of art, focusing on artists who are masters of the technique or medium that is the focus of each level. Full-color renditions of master works of art help your student gain an understanding of art history, art appreciation, and the foundational elements of art. A list and reference photo of (not included) required art materials, including brand names, is also provided. Each level includes the hardcover textbook and DVD/Blu-ray discs.

Art Core 6: Painting with Watercolors is an advanced art course for students who need a high school art class. Students will learn to control the water and pigment mixture to achieve different color strengths; to layer colors properly; to use primary colors to mix secondary and tertiary colors and to lower color intensity; to mix vibrant, neutral, and skin tone colors; and more. Lessons also cover advanced wash techniques, reserving white space to achieve brilliant colors; using different types of brushes (round, flat, and wash) to achieve a variety of brushstrokes, and more skills unique to the watercolor medium. Grades 9 – 12.

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