American Republic Student Edition (5th ed.)



This American history textbook takes 8th graders on a journey through time to give a complete overview of the founding, development, and growth of the United States as a nation. Students will explore significant social studies skills to prepare them to be student historians capable of engaging with American history thoughtfully so they can use the events of our past to make wise decisions for the future.

Timeline Covered in the BJU Press American Republic Textbook

  • Native American cultures and European contact
  • Establishment of the thirteen colonies
  • The War for Independence
  • Establishing a new government
  • Continental expansion
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Industrialism to Progressivism
  • World War I
  • The Great Depression
  • World War II
  • The Cold War
  • Political conflicts in the 20th century
  • The New Millennium

Features of the 8th Grade History Textbook

  • Essential and guiding questions to introduce and guide students in lessons
  • Section reviews at the end of each section
  • Chapter reviews at the end of each chapter with key terms for review
  • Maps and graphics throughout
  • Information chunked into manageable pieces
  • Biographical sketches
  • Special interest boxes
  • Visual chart of all U.S. presidents.
  • Biblical worldview shaping themes including justice, religion, gratitude, freedom, individualism, equality, and growth

This middle school textbook, used in conjunction with the teacher’s edition, is a key component to guiding students through the BJU Press eighth-grade history program. Additional components for support while teaching this course will be available on Teacher Tools Online.

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