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Package includes: one Teacher’s Manual and one Student Packet (Activity Book, Flashcards, Stickers).

Developed for busy parents, teachers, and tutors, All About Spelling is a scripted, open-and-go program that teaches spelling in the most effective way possible. This award-winning seven-level program provides complete and comprehensive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Please note: In addition to the Level 1 Materials, you will also need Letter Tiles, a Spelling Review Box, and Divider Cards. These items will be used throughout the entire All About Spelling program.

Level 1 in the All About Spelling series brings together the three pathways to learning—auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (touching). This multisensory approach, combined with a built-in review system and reinforcement activities, ensures that students retain what they learn and understand how to apply it in practical situations.

In a practical, hands-on way, your student will learn:


  • How to say and write the first 32 phonograms
  • How to segment words into their individual sounds
  • Short and long vowel sounds
  • How to identify and count syllables in a word
  • How to choose between c and k at the beginning of a word
  • When to double f, l, and s
  • How to spell /k/ at the end of a word
  • How to form plural words by adding s or es
  • Compound words
  • and more!

The multisensory learning tools and activities included in the program help your student master important spelling concepts. You’ll appreciate the organization, thought, and research that went into this program as you work with your student.

  • The Flashcards provide a visual and hands-on way to help your student learn and review phonograms, words, and spelling rules.
  • The Segmenting Words activity helps your student identify the individual sounds in a word so that he can spell more easily and accurately.
  • Concept-oriented spelling lists that are grouped by similar phonograms and spelling rules accelerate learning by organizing ideas in the student’s mind and allowing the student to concentrate on and master one or two main concepts before moving on.
  • Rule Cards clearly present key ideas, concepts, and spelling rules that help your student thoroughly understand why a word is spelled the way it is and how to apply that knowledge to many other words.
  • The More Words and Dictate Phrases sections reinforce current and previously learned concepts, increase the student’s repertoire of words, and allow the student to apply his knowledge in practical situations.
  • Tips for the teacher anticipate and provide answers to your questions and give you on-the-spot strategies for helping your student overcome stumbling blocks. Worked seamlessly into the lessons, tips are placed right where you need them, when you need them, so you can continue your teaching uninterrupted.
  • The Progress Chart gives your student a visual reminder of how far he has come and motivates him to master the next lesson.

Lessons are laid out for you step by step and consist of five parts:

  1. Before You Begin: This section contains an overview of the lesson and is meant only for you, the teacher. It takes just a few minutes to read it so you’ll be well equipped to teach the lesson confidently. You don’t need a degree in education or hours of planning every night to teach All About Spelling—all the work has been done for you.
  2. Review: The Review section provides continual review of phonograms, spelling words, and important concepts so your student can advance confidently from one lesson to the next without the frustration of having to re-learn previous material. All About Spelling doesn’t “teach it and forget it.”
  3. New Teaching: This is the hands-on, multisensory portion of the lesson. Your student will work with letter tiles and activity sheets while learning and practicing new spelling concepts.
  4. Advanced Application: If you have an older student who needs more of a challenge, the Advanced Application section provides the opportunity to practice new concepts with higher-level multisyllable words.
  5. Track Your Progress: At the end of each lesson, you’ll record your student’s progress on the Progress Chart.

By the end of Level 1, your student will be able to write phrases such as:

ten pink pigs
camp in tents
stiff neck
upset the bobcat
quick snack

The 25 lessons of Level 1 progress in a logical, sequential order. Through direct instruction, students learn exactly what they need to know in order to spell well.

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