Is My Family OK?

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SCAIHS Is My Family Okay?

Financial strain, communication issues, or troubles at work and school are just a few stressors we face at some point in our lives. But if things begin to feel out of your control in your family life and you aren’t sure how to work through them alone, family counseling may be the solution to getting you and your family back on track.  

What is family counseling, and when should I seek it?

Family counseling is an opportunity for you, your spouse, and your children to speak on family issues in a structured environment with a licensed counselor who can provide expert feedback and constructive solutions. 

There are countless reasons a family might seek counseling, from something as serious as a traumatic event or as simple as wanting to learn better patterns for communicating. Some of the common reasons families seek counseling:

  • When it becomes difficult for family members to communicate. If certain members of the family are putting up walls and refusing to communicate, if family members are having an overly emotional response .
  • If family members exhibit violent behaviors. 
  • When you notice a family member withdrawing from regular life events or patterns. If your children are withdrawing from clubs or sports or not seeking social outings with friends, if their grades begin to slip, or if a parent’s work performance slips. 
  • If there are big shifts in the family dynamic. If a parent loses a job, if parents get divorced, if the family moves, if children change their schooling.

How can I find a counselor that is right for my family?

Perhaps the most important part of family counseling is finding a counselor or therapist who fits comfortably with the whole family. Do you want someone who will provide feedback, or someone to just steer the conversation to be more productive? 

Finding the right counseling can be a lengthy process, but for you and your family members to feel comfortable opening up, you need to find a counselor who aligns with your family values and helps each of you feel understood. 

What are the benefits to family counseling?

When issues like emotional responses or withdrawing from daily life happen, there is usually something deeper going on under the surface. A family counselor can help you or your children discover, discuss, and resolve what those issues may be before they have a chance to wreak permanent damage onto the family unit. 

Sometimes it can be refreshing to get an outside perspective on the issues your family is facing at home. And more than that, family therapy gives you and your family members a safe space to communicate openly, which will bring you closer together as you learn to understand one another and cope with daily changes in life. 

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