When children are curious, they usually become more enthusiastic about learning. Nurturing your child’s curiosity and creativity are just a few of the benefits of choosing to homeschool. But many parents worry about what their role should be in this process. Here are some of the most effective ways you can encourage your child to be creative through homeschooling.  

1. Let them set the stage.

When it comes to creativity, your child should take the lead as much as possible. While you might have some ideas about what needs to get accomplished, teach them that creativity is more about innovation and coming up with new ideas than being right or wrong. 

2. Avoid labels. 

Children can take labels to heart, so be cautious with your words. Specifically, be careful about labeling something as “good” or “bad” or labeling your child as “creative” or not. Instead, try to explore as many different topics and possibilities as possible without judgment. 

3. Provide an audience. 

Many children only want someone to be a witness to their creative genius. Make sure you are ready to provide an audience for your child’s story, song, poem, inventive dance, or artwork so you can give them the attention they need. 

4. Get outside. 

The outdoors is nothing if not creative. Getting outside is a great way to fire up your child’s imagination. Sit outside and observe nature, go for a walk, and get a different perspective on the world we live in. 

5. Keep the right supplies handy. 

Got paper? Crayons? Tape? Paint? Clay? Scissors? Cardboard? Creating might require some serious supplies. Fortunately, most of these items won’t break the bank. Make sure you have age-appropriate supplies on hand for when the creative urge strikes. 

6. Don’t discount technology. 

It’s easy to discount technology when you are thinking about creativity. But this could be a mistake. Many children are their most creative using tech. In fact, one study found that both online and offline play encourages creativity in children. There’s nothing wrong with some screen time as long as it is age appropriate. 

7. Lead by example. 

Continue to pursue your own creative interests. Decorate your home, create art, or pursue some other hobby that shows your children the value of these pursuits. This is one of the best ways to encourage your children to step outside their own comfort zones. 

8. Be available for support. 

When your child’s creative juices begin to flow, continue to be available to them for ongoing support. If they need the occasional suggestion, offer it but let them do the bulk of the work. The end result might be something you would have never expected!

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