One of our board members recently shared his family’s experience with taking a gap year. Read his open letter to find out how his children grew in leadership skills and maturity by taking a gap year at Miracle Mountain Ranch:

Have You Ever Considered a Gap Year for Your Older Children?

We spent an entire weekend in amazement watching Lew Sterrett train a horse that had never been ridden while he simultaneously taught biblical principles of life – everything from marriage to finances to raising children. Several hundred people filled the arena sitting spellbound for two entire days. At the conclusion a brave soul mounted and rode the house around the arena! 

That was our introduction to Mr. Sterrett and the School of Discipleship that he represented at Miracle Mountain Ranch (MMR) in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania. Subsequently, four of our nine children attended this apprenticeship ranch as a gap year between high school and college. They were individually discipled by the ranch staff members, who reinforced the biblical principles of life that we had prayerfully instilled over years of time. 

Our children spent eight months attending Bible classes, memorizing scripture, working on character development and actually working the ranch. Their growth in Christian maturity was evident and well worth the investment of time and money. Each of our children would heartily agree. Additionally, they formed deep and meaningful friendships with staff and fellow students. 

During the last four months, the apprentices conducted summer camps at the ranch for adolescent and teenage youth numbering 150-200 each week. They taught Bible lessons while conducting all the usual summer camp activities such as horseback riding, swimming, paint ball, camping, cookouts, etc. All of the apprentices, including our children, grew in leadership skills by leaps and bounds. We barely recognized the mature, confident adults that came home to us after a gap year at MMR. 

We can’t say enough good things about Miracle Mountain Ranch, the staff, and the benefit that accrued to our children. We encourage you to consider a gap year at MMR, especially if your children are undecided about their future occupational or academic goals. You can find it on the internet at mmrm.org.

Robert and Carlotta Jackson

Spartanburg, South Carolina

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