While not every child loves sports, most children have something they are passionate about. Granted, many communities offer endless options for kids’ sports leagues. But there are plenty of other things your child can do after school that doesn’t involve balls, nets, whistles, and uniforms. Here are some of the top after school activty ideas for your creative homeschooler. 

1. Theater

If your child loves the arts, see if your local community has a theater group. Each year, these organizations put on many fantastic productions and will often have parts for children. Get your child involved in different aspects of the theater, from acting to costumes to set design. 

2. Book Club

Through your homeschooling, you’ll be able to tell if your child loves to read or just tolerates the exercise. If they are a true bookworms, you can nurture that passion by introducing them to a local children’s book club. See if your library has something suitable. 

3. Volunteering

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back to others. Many organizations in your community probably need some assistance. Contact local nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals, and religious organizations to see where and how your child can be of service. 

4. Arts and Crafts

Children need a creative outlet. And most kids love the messy nature of arts and crafts. See if there is a painting or pottery class your child can take locally to stir their creative juices and meet some new like-minded friends. 

5. Robotics

If your child is into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), they will probably love a club that focuses on something like robotics. Robots use all of these resources, and they can do some pretty cool stuff with the things they create. 

6. Cooking

Does your child like to help you in the kitchen? Whether they are interested in the culinary arts as a career or not, cooking is a life skill that everyone can use. Not only will your children build confidence in the kitchen, but they’ll learn some valuable safety practices as well. 

7. Band

Getting your child involved in music is a valuable way to give them confidence, help them connect with others, and learn other skills like teamwork and discipline. From the guitar to the piano to the drums to the flute, you should be able to find some music lessons and even a band camp in your area that will nurture a lifelong passion for music. 

Find An After School Activity That Work for Your Child

Similar to flexible curriculums with homeschooling, you should be able to find an after-school activity that fits your child’s interests and passion outside the classroom. 

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