We want what’s best for our children as they go through school, and that means finding outlets for them to learn and grow outside the classroom. After that final bell rings, there are countless opportunities for your child to join an extracurricular activity that fits their interests.

Extracurricular activities are a great way for your child to continue learning and having fun with their peers long after the school day is over. They can take the lessons they’re learning every day and apply them in a real way, igniting new passions and learning new skills along the way.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to joining an extracurricular activity: 

  1. Learning a new skill

Whether they join a sport or take interest in the school’s theater production, joining an extracurricular activity is a great way for your child to learn something new and build a new skill. Best of all, your child could discover a new passion that they continue to pursue and enjoy throughout their lives. Through hours of practice and training, they will also pick up helpful traits like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, dedication, and perseverance.     

  1. Developing social skills

Communication is key in team efforts, and joining an extracurricular activity will help your child build and improve their social skills. This can be a great outlet for your child to make friends and build their confidence as well. Gaining strong social skills is vital to your child’s development, and learning to work with others from an early age will help them through school and throughout their careers. 

  1. Boosting academic performance

Joining an after-school activity can actually help your child when they get back into the classroom. Extracurriculars reinforce the skills they’re learning inside the classroom and helping your child apply them in a real way, giving them a deeper understanding and contributing to a more well-rounded education. Your child may even be encouraged to study a little harder if their academic performance has an impact on their ability to join a team or club. 

  1. Managing time more effectively

Joining an extracurricular activity means making time for meetings or practices outside of school hours. In doing so, children will have to work to find a balance between their studies, their extracurriculars, their friends, and their home life. This sets your child up well for the future as they continue to take on more responsibilities. 

  1. Building your college resume

When your child ultimately starts applying to colleges, having some extracurriculars on their resume will definitely make them more appealing in the competitive application process. Participating in extracurriculars shows colleges that your child is well-rounded, and has a better understanding of teamwork, responsibility, and time management. They give colleges a glimpse of your child’s personality and show that your child has a love for learning that goes beyond the classroom. 

Find what works best for your child

Whether it be joining a sport, learning an instrument, or becoming a member of student government, there is an opportunity for every student to learn and discover a lifelong passion outside of the classroom. 

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