Helping children improve their reading skills is a major goal for many homeschool parents. Some parents may not feel qualified to provide focused help with reading skills. But with the right approach, you can give your child what they need to succeed in this critical area. Here are eight tips for increasing your child’s reading skills at any age. 

1. Surround Your Child With Reading Material

Children who have a lot of choices in reading material tend to score higher on standardized tests. Instead of dictating what they read, you can tempt them by placing reading materials at their level all around your home. 

2. Schedule Family Reading Time

Create a 15-30 minute block of time each day where you read a story together. Your children will begin to realize that there is a lot more depth in stories coming from books than what they might experience on a TV screen. 

3. Set Aside Independent Daily Reading Time

When your family spends time reading together, this will increase their love of books and stories. At the same time, it will boost their desire to read independently. Set aside some time each day for your kids to read whatever they want on their own. 

4. Take Trips to the Library

Take a trip to your local library every one to two weeks so your child can pick out new reading materials. Many libraries also offer children’s reading programs. 

5. Encourage Reading Activities

Incorporate reading activities into your daily lives. Have your children read street signs as you drive, menus when you eat out, and even the TV guide to select the next show. When you play a game at home, choose one that involves reading. 

6. Be Enthusiastic About Reading

Your attitude towards reading will play a big role in your child’s success. If your child sees that you love to read and are praising their efforts, they will try harder to become great readers. 

7. Use Different Reading Aids

To help your child increase their reading skills, use different aids like textbooks, games, computer programs, and books-on-tape. What works best will vary depending on your child’s interests and needs. 

8. Get Assistance With Reading Issues

Keep an eye and ear out for any potential reading issues as your child progresses. If they are having trouble, don’t be afraid to get help from a tutor or learning center. 

Get Help Increasing Your Child’s Reading Skills Through Homeschooling

If you want to increase your child’s reading skills while you homeschool, these tips should help. But there’s also a chance your child may be struggling with some other issue, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking help from a professional. 

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