Most adults understand that the middle school years can be challenging. But, if you are homeschooling your child, you get to skip things like bullying and peer pressure. Unfortunately, there’s still a bit of angst during these years. 

Middle school is different from elementary school because it’s more of a transition stage for your kids. They are moving beyond being young children and getting closer to those teenage years. This is also a time when your child’s interests can blossom, which opens up even more learning opportunities. Here are seven tips for homeschooling your child during middle school. 

1. Give Them More Options

Up until now, you’ve probably had most of the say about what and when things get done regarding the homeschooling experience. Now that your child is a bit older, there’s nothing wrong with asking for their input on their home school experience. 

2. Explore Their Interests

Going along with giving your middle schooler more options, you can allow them to begin exploring what brings them the most joy. Whether it’s an interest in music, sports, or the outdoors, this is a great time to build more of these activities into their curriculum. 

3. Emphasize Accountability

As your child gets older, it’s important for them to make more choices on their own, some of which might lead to mistakes. Keeping your child accountable for their choices can provide valuable life experience. 

4. Continue Reading Aloud

You might think kids are too old for reading aloud once they reach middle school age. But this isn’t necessarily the case. You can continue to make a lot of memories with your child by taking turns reading chapter books out loud with them. 

5. Teach Age-Appropriate Life Skills

If you haven’t been teaching your children life skills as part of your home school curriculum, now is the time to start. Some age-appropriate life skills for middle schoolers include:

  • Time management
  • Respect and empathy
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Financial responsibility
  • Doing laundry
  • Stress management

6. Don’t Stop Taking Field Trips

Just because they’re getting older, you shouldn’t stop taking your homeschooling education on the road. Parents and teachers alike enjoy field trips because they shake things up, are fun, and provide new ways to learn a variety of lessons. 

7. Keep Physical and Emotional Changes in Mind

Finally, don’t forget that your child is likely going to experience some physical and emotional changes during these next few years. This is an excellent time to counsel them on how to cope with hormones and stress as these changes take shape. 

Let Us Help You Homeschool Your Middle School Child

The South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) can provide the assistance you need with your homeschooling journey. When you have a middle school child or a student at some other grade level, we offer flexible curriculums, experienced staff, online reporting, and even guidance for parents homeschooling children with special needs. 

The mission of SCAIHS is to provide resources, encouragement, and educational counseling to homeschooling parents as they guide their children through their educational journey. Contact us to learn more about how membership in our organization can help your middle schooler thrive.