Homeschooling opens up a ton of freedoms, one of which is the ability to travel more. But what if you have young kids? Whether your youngest ones are on the homeschooling track yet or not, you can certainly see the country and the world successfully with them in tow as long as you plan carefully. Here are 6 tips for traveling with young children. 

1. Don’t Put It Off

You might consider postponing travel until your children are older or “old enough to remember.” Travel as much as you can as early as you can with your kids so you can begin stimulating their interest in the world, appreciating other cultures, and making great memories together. 

2. Adjust Your Expectations

When traveling with young children, you must be realistic about what you’ll get from the experience. Long museum tours are probably out. But short nature hikes and anything involving animals will be met with enthusiasm. 

3. Make Your Plans in Advance

If you want to relax and enjoy your trip, make all your arrangements in advance. Flying by the seat of your pants is great when you’re a 19-year-old. But it’s stressful to find clean, affordable accommodations while traveling with kids. Simple things like choosing places to stay with a kitchenette or picking your airplane seats in advance can make your trip much more enjoyable. 

4. Prepare Your Kids for the Trip

When traveling with children, let them know what’s coming so they know what to expect and can get excited about it. You might not want to give a 2-year-old six months’ notice of a trip. But an 8-year-old might appreciate this, so they spend some time reading about your destination. 

5. Travel Light

It might be tempting to bring the kitchen sink when traveling with little ones. But you’ll quickly regret becoming a human pack mule. It will be tough, but try to pack only what you know you will need. In most places, you can do laundry on the road. Also, have your small children carry their own little backpacks of personal items. 

6. Mix Up the Activities

Probably the most important factor to successfully traveling with small children is to create a good mix of activities that will keep everyone interested and happy. For example, if you’d like to visit a historic building, follow it up with a trip to the beach or a petting zoo. And remember, all of these new experiences and destinations can serve as ideal material for homeschool lessons. 

Get Valuable Resources to Combine Traveling with Homeschooling

If you’re homeschooling your children, learning on the road can be fun and fulfilling. The sights and attractions you’ll encounter have a lot to offer your kids beyond what they can learn from books alone. But homeschooling is still a big responsibility and one that requires a lot of organization. The South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) provides valuable resources and encouragement to homeschooling parents and children throughout the state. Contact us today to learn more about membership in SCAIHS