According to ThinkImpact.com, from 2019 to 2020, the percentage of children being homeschooled jumped from 3.4% to 9%.

Is your child struggling in a traditional school setting? Are you rethinking your education options? Maybe it’s time for your family to consider a shift to home school.

What do you picture when you think about homeschooling? Perhaps you imagine kids sitting at the dining room table doing worksheets printed on your home printer. Sometimes that is exactly what home school looks like. Sometimes it does not.

Homeschooling may mean taking your kids to a local park to learn about trees. It may look like gathering in the kitchen to measure out the ingredients needed for cookies. It’s all down to what your child needs.

Keep reading for 5 of the top benefits of homeschooling.

1. A Customized Education

When you’re teaching your child at home, you do not need to stick with one specific curriculum. You can tailor what you teach to your child’s needs and interests.

If your child is excelling at reading, there’s no need to keep using grade-level material with them. You can challenge them at a higher level and use whatever subject matter motivates them.

If your child struggles with math, no worries. There’s plenty of time for one-on-one coaching to bring them up to speed.

As a parent considering homeschooling, you may wonder if you’d be on your own to plan your child’s education. You would not need to be. You could consider joining an association such as the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS). A partner like SCAIHS can provide you with curriculum options and support so your child gets the best education possible.

2. Scheduling

Homeschooling can be made to fit your schedule, unlike other schooling options. If your kids are morning people, you can get started learning right away. If you have things to do in the morning, school can be in the afternoon.

Making appointments can be easier when you home school too. If your dentist can only see your child at noon, that’s not a problem. School can fit right around your appointments.

If you choose to home school and join SCAIHS, we can help you come up with a sustainable schedule that works for you and your family.

3. Family Bonding

When you’re homeschooling your child, there are so many opportunities to bond more with your child. Not only will you be around for your child’s a-ha moments, but you’ll be able to take them on fun field trips or outings to the park. These experiences are priceless chances to build positive parent-child relationships.

4. Health

At traditional school, kids are doing a lot of sitting—at a desk, at a table, on the carpet. They are also being exposed to whatever germs their classmates are bringing to school.

Homeschooled kids often get more fresh air, more exercise, and more sleep, all resulting in healthier children.

5. Trickle-Down Learning

If you have more than one child at home, your younger children are listening while their older siblings are learning. Those younger children will be ready to go when it’s their turn to formally start on their homeschooling journey.

Who knows? You might even learn some things yourself. (For example, did you know that SCAIHS can support multiple homeschooled children in one plan?)

Is Homeschooling Right for Your Child?

Now that you’ve learned just a few of the many benefits of homeschooling, you can decide if home school is the right choice for your child.

Remember that you’re not alone if you decide you do want to homeschool your child. Whether you’re in South Carolina homeschooling or somewhere else in the world, you can turn to an organization like SCAIHS.

We can help you set goals for homeschooling, plan extracurricular activities, or find activities for any extra time your kids may have. Reach out to learn all the ways we can support your homeschooling family.