When it comes to providing your children with a well-rounded education, it’s common to focus heavily on academics and a few special interests. These are important, but they aren’t the only things you’ll want to teach your children. When you homeschool, it’s also a good idea to focus on life skills, which are the things we use to navigate life and society. These are the skills that make life easier and more successful, whether at home, in social settings, or in the workplace. 

10 Life Skills All Parents Should Teach Their Children

If you haven’t incorporated life skills into your curriculum or are just looking for some great ideas, here is a list of suggestions. You and your kids might enjoy these additional lessons as part of your homeschooling journey.

Life Skills for Elementary Students

1. Calling 9-1-1

As early as possible, children should learn when it is appropriate to dial 9-1-1 and how to use the phone to make this call. 

2. Using a Fire Extinguisher

Older elementary school children should understand how to use a basic fire extinguisher and know where they are located throughout the home. 

3. Housekeeping Tasks

Young students should learn basic housekeeping tasks from an early age so they will be well-equipped to help out as they get older and eventually manage their own household. These include things like doing laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, and taking out the trash. 

4. Cooking/baking

Many children love helping in the kitchen. Teaching them basic cooking and baking skills will pay off for the rest of their lives. You can start young children on simple items like pancakes, toast, and cookies. 

Life Skills for Middle Schoolers

5. Communication Skills

Whether it’s ordering a pizza, making their own doctor’s appointment, or sending an email with a question, children will need to learn to communicate verbally and in writing to get things done. 

6. First Aid

Children of middle school age can go beyond calling 9-1-1 to learn some basic first aid skills. These might range from treating a cut to performing CPR. 

7. General Maintenance

Another good life skill to teach is general home maintenance. When something needs to be done, such as painting a room, replacing air filters, or mowing the lawn, teach your kids how to do these things and why they’re important. 

Life Skills for High School Students

8. Money Management

Starting even younger than high school, you can instill money management skills in your children with various lessons and exercises. At this age, however, you can teach them to balance a checkbook and talk about the importance of investing, insurance, etc. 

9. Driving

Your child is likely to bring up driving lessons before you do. But, learning to operate a vehicle safely is a vital life skill. Beyond this, you can teach your child the importance of properly maintaining a vehicle to save money. 

10. Job Readiness

By high school age, it’s time for children to learn some job readiness skills. These include things like writing a resume and applying for jobs, as well as interview etiquette and dressing for success. 

Add Life Skills to Your Child’s Home School Curriculum 

When you choose to homeschool your child in South Carolina, you gain the flexibility you need to support their interests and teach them valuable life skills. Adding some of these skills to your homeschooling curriculum is just one way you can move beyond the classroom and create a richer and more varied experience for your children. 

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