Woodcock Johnson IV Achievement Testing Information

The SCAIHS Special Needs counselors are now able to administer the Woodcock Johnson IV Achievement Test for a fee.  If you would like your child to be tested individually with one of our counselors, please contact Carol at specialneeds@scaihs.org to reserve a date and time.  If you are wondering if your child has a reading issue, the Woodcock Johnson IV test might be for you because the reading skills are broken down into sub-tests.

Cost for the Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement Test

Members                                 Non-Members

Basic – $85.00                         Basic – $100.00

Extended – $130.00              Extended – $150.00

If you do not live in the Columbia area and need assistance finding a tester to administer the Woodcock Johnson, please let us know.  Our Special Needs department is compiling a list of evaluators throughout the state.  If you are calling around on your own, here is some helpful information and questions to ask of a tester:

  • Cost for Basic and Extended?
  • What does the evaluator consider to be Basic and Extended?
  • Basic usually means enough of the subtests to get a Broad score only.
  • More information is gleaned from the Extended version, especially if you would like help identifying reading issues.
  • Science & Social Studies subtests are also available.

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