SCAIHS Vision and Mission


To support parents as they lead their children to grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man.


SCAIHS Mission and Philosophy

The mission and ministry of SCAIHS are to provide educational counseling and encouragement to parents as they shepherd their children through their educational journey.  SCAIHS seeks to assist parents in providing the best education possible that will equip their students to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He leads.  SCAIHS will reflect moral, ethical, and Christian values in the programs, publications, and services offered.

The SCAIHS philosophy is to promote and protect home school freedoms for all homeschoolers, regardless of religion, race, color, nationality or ethnic origin.

As you can imagine, it takes tremendous work and dedication to fulfill SCAIHS mission. We’re always looking for volunteers to help with the many aspects of our work. We have found that getting involved with the creative nitty-gritty of this volunteer work brings people deep satisfaction and allows them to discover personal skills they might not have found otherwise. By volunteering, many of us have developed valuable talents that carry over into other parts of our lives. Not only that, but we have also built up a network of friends and families from all over the state who share our passion and vision. If you’re a member of SCAIHS, please consider what you might have to offer toward helping us to spread helpful information and support.



We are here to help parents keep their promises to their children.