The Wood Family

By Beth Moore: Bill and Tammy Wood have been with SCAIHS since 1997.  They have homeschooled seven children, two of whom have already graduated, Lucinda and Catherine, and five that are currently still being homeschooled: Will, Hannah, Rebekah, Beth, and Claire.

When asked how her journey began, Tammy recalls, “Way back in the beginning, when Lucinda was young, she was struggling.  I kept asking people what I should do because there was a disconnect between what she could and couldn’t do”.  When she was eight, she was smart, but couldn’t recognize letters.  I had been homeschooling through the public school.  SCAIHS put me in touch with some professionals who helped us find out what was going on.”

Labels can be a jumping off point.

Tammy remembers the relief she felt when finding out what was going on with Lucinda. “I know many parents don’t want any kind of label.  However, a label can be a jumping off point, not a defining point.  It helped me to get a start on what needed to be done.  I then contacted SCAIHS because they had a Special Needs Department and we started to homeschool with SCAIHS.  SCAIHS helped me to know what legal accommodations could be made.  We were able to navigate the ACT, SAT, and college applications.  She was able to finish high school in four years and college in four years.

What do you like most about SCAIHS?

“I like the safety net that SCAIHS offers.  They helped us find curriculum that would be a good match.  I found counselors that helped push us a little in a different way.  While other parents can be helpful, there’s a point where you need someone other than a nice mom.  When we adopted five children, three of them spoke no English. The SCAIHS counselors gave us the time we needed to learn to become a family and then at the right time, they nudged us to proceed on with academics.  Many Special Needs kids also have health issues and it’s a lifetime of navigating.  SCAIHS had that over other groups because they have a Special Needs Department.”

“Special Needs and High School are two areas that have helped our family.  Our girls found success outside the state of South Carolina.  The help in finding scholarships was tremendous.”

“I’ve been blessed that SCAIHS has always allowed me to move in the direction I wanted to go, but they’ve come alongside with good advice.  It’s great to have someone that has knowledge of the standards and provides that outside perspective.”

What would you say to new homeschoolers?

“I’ve graduated two and have five now in Middle and High School.  I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had with the kids.  I’d say whatever you put your time and focus into, you reap what you sow. When you invest time into your children, you will reap benefits far into the future from your children and their children. I’ve learned so much along the way. Sometimes I’ve been asked, ‘What do you do for yourself?’  I say,  “I’m investing in the future, everything I do is for me.”

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