The Diveley Family

By Beth Moore. Kimberly Diveley, an eight year homeschool veteran, reminisced with SCAIHS Counselor Beth Moore about her homeschool journey and its beginnings. As the interview started, Kimberly recalled the conversations she had with several homeschooling families at her church.

“The Powells and McDougalds at church shared their experiences with homeschooling.  They were SCAIHS members at the time and encouraged us to check them out.  At that time, we had our twins Taylor and Noah in sixth grade, Joshua in fourth grade, and Courtney Hope in preschool.”

It All Started with a Getting Started Workshop

Little did Kimberly know that she would soon embark on a life changing adventure, and that seven years later she would graduate two children ­who would go on to attend USC and begin their own individual journeys.  Kimberly reminisces, “It started with Lee and me attending a ‘Getting Started’ workshop that was conducted by the SCAIHS counselors.  We met Emily Lipscombe and found that what our friends had said was true.  She was so friendly and supportive.”

When asked what made her choose SCAIHS over other home schooling options, Kimberly doesn’t hesitate, “The accountability SCAIHS provided and its reputation.  SCAIHS was well respected then as it is now.  Once we saw the help that would be available to us as the boys entered high school and we would be preparing for college, we knew it was the best choice for us.”  She began homeschooling her sixth grade twins and her third grader the next year.  The year after that, she added a kindergartener to the mix and the rest is history.

Children Credit Homeschooling for their Success

Her children have voiced their approval of the family’s choice to homeschool by commenting on the flexibility they enjoyed.  Each of the children was able to pursue various interests in music, sports, and the arts after completing their academic work.  “Having a say in our curriculum and our mom being able to tailor curriculum assignments to our learning styles were very important to our success,” remarked college students Taylor and Noah.

“I was happy with SCAIHS all the way through.  In the elementary years, Emily Lipscomb­e would send me articles on different things after she read my reports. However, it was being in SCAIHS during the high school years that gave me the most assurance and confidence that someone was watching out for me,” says Kimberly.

“Beth Martin, the Middle and High School Director, was wonderful at giving us advice on looking at certain elective courses that might help the boys decide on what they wanted to do in the future.  She was great at guiding us to what colleges were looking for, guiding me through things I didn’t know.”

Kimberly herself had been a student in private and public schools.  She said she never remembered getting that much help from her guidance counselors in the past.

“Yes” is the simple answer she gave when asked if she would recommend homeschooling and SCAIHS to others. “One of my sons confirmed to me that we had made the right decision when he said, ‘I hope my wife will homeschool our children one day.’” Though that day will not come for many years, for now Kimberly continues to teach Joshua and Courtney Hope at home, with SCAIHS counselors helping her navigate graduation requirements and college applications.




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