St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Activities

By Beth Moore: A Focus on Green Like You’ve Never Seen! St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Activities

Start the day with Green Eggs and Ham – add a little blue food coloring to an egg for Green Eggs.  Chunks of ham can be cut up and added to the eggs.  You can eat this high protein breakfast while reading the classic Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham.


After reading Green Eggs and Ham, ask your child where they would eat green eggs and ham.  Following the pattern of the book, they can write their own page.

Rhyming Words

Go back through Green Eggs and Ham and list all the rhyming words.  Use letter tiles to make some rhyming words of your own.  (Letter tiles can be purchased or made from cardstock.


Another great book about the color green is Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lioni.


Mix blue paint and yellow paint to make green.  You can use any medium besides paint as well such as Blue and Yellow to make play dough to make Green.


Number of the day 17.  Count 17 green peas, 17 items of any sort.

Sort items by color.  Make patterns using green peas, popcorn etc.

You can color any dry food item by placing beans in a ziplock, adding a drop of alcohol and food color.  After you close the bag and shake the items to be colored such as lima beans, empty items on a paper towel to dry.


Why are plants green? Photosynthesis

Small Motor Skills

Green play dough – You can add green food coloring to play dough recipe and add a drop of mint flavoring to make it smell “minty”

Shaving cream can be made green with adding a dot of green food coloring.  You can let kids write in the shaving cream on a cookie sheet or placemat.

Have a Happy Healthy Day of Green Discovery for Saint Patty’s Day!

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