SCAIHS Member – My Day as Cool Boy!

Dylan, age 11, won a Practical Homeschooling Magazine Contest for his essay about a Super Hero!

Here is the essay!

My Day as Cool Boy-By Dylan

Yawn!  I wake up and slip into my Cool Boy outfit.  Yep, that’s right.  I’m a superhero named Cool Boy.  My outfit is pretty typical: jeans, a black t-shirt that says CB, and a CB ball cap.  Groggily, I stretch, and go downstairs.  I pour myself a bowl of Cheerios, and sit down to eat.


Just when I’m hoping for a peaceful non-crime fighting day, I see the Cool Boy signal.  I abandon my bowl of Cheerios, and fly out of the door. Literally fly out of the door.  My other superpower is my super strength.  Once, when I was trying to brush my teeth, I accidently squirted out the whole tube of toothpaste.  I fly to the origin of the signal, Caldwell Banking.  There is a masked man up by the desk, demanding money.  I see one person dial 911 on their cell phone.  I run over to the man, and pin him down, until the police arrive.  They take him into a police car, and I fly away.  I eat a lollipop the banker gave me as a reward. Yum!

As I fly home, I see a man being mugged.  I drop down, and silently sneak up on the man. “Hey dude, why don’t you give this poor guy a break,” I say. He quickly turns around, and drops the money when he sees me.  He runs.  The other man retrieves his money, and walks away, thanking me.

I am Cool Boy, defender of the defenseless, friend of all decent people.