We Say Goodbye to our Faithful Employee – Debbie Humphries

During the past twenty years, Debbie Humphries has demonstrated her irrepressible passion for homeschooling by serving as a counselor for the elementary department at SCAIHS. As a veteran homeschool mother, Debbie brought a deep understanding of the commitment and sacrifice that homeschooling requires. Day in and day out, she has tirelessly come alongside homeschooling mothers, encouraging them to them to stay the course as they fulfill the eternally significant calling of teaching their children at home. Debbie has always viewed her work at SCAIHS as a ministry; and that is evident in the selfless way she has loved, supported, and counseled hundreds of parents during her tenure with SCAIHS.


Debbie will be leaving SCAIHS at the end of the month to work in the Humphries’ family business. In speaking of her years of service at SCAIHS, she said the following:


“I have loved absolutely everything about my job at SCAIHS for over
twenty years, but must resign to work fulltime in our family’s insurance
agency. I have to say that the homeschooling families I have met through my work at
SCAIHS have made it a joy to get up every morning. Whether it’s reading
progress reports, curriculum counseling for new or renewing members,
answering emails or phone calls, every moment and each relationship has been
a precious and wonderful gift to me. I will miss each and every SCAIHS
member, each staff person and Board member, and every facet of my work here.
Homeschooling will still always be a passion for me, and so will SCAIHS.”


The SCAIHS board and staff are deeply grateful to Debbie for her many years of faithful service to SCAIHS and pray for God’s continued blessing on her and her family as she begins this new chapter in her life.


We are also pleased to announce that we have hired Karen Merchant as the new elementary counselor. Karen homeschooled her two children and they both graduated through SCAIHS. Her son was a recipient of the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. Karen also served as a counselor in the SCAIHS high school department from 2005 to 2007. As a veteran homeschooling mother and a former member of SCAIHS, Karen also possesses a deep understanding of the love and commitment it takes to be a homeschooling parent. And, like Debbie, Karen will be here to offer encouragement and wise counsel for the parents of elementary-aged students. Please join us in welcoming Karen back to SCAIHS.


Debbie’s last official day in the office will be Thursday, December 19. Please feel free to e-mail, call, or drop by to wish Debbie well. debbie




Zan Tyler

For the SCAIHS Board of Directors