santa-or-no-santa-that-is-the-questionBy Carlotta Jackson: Many, many years ago we hosted another homeschool family in our home. While they were there, a big fire engine arrived in our cul-de-sac with a Santa throwing out candy to all of the neighborhood children. Our children rushed out to enjoy the fun and obtain some candy while our friends’ children stayed inside and arrogantly stated, “We don’t worship the idol of Christmas.” I say “arrogantly” because that is what it sounded like to my ears. I don’t remember the parents’ reaction but children at that age tend to reflect their parents on certain topics.


Now here is where we are on Santa and always have been as we decided after our first child was born how we would handle Santa in our home. He is a nonentity. We have a Christmas tree (and I know those who don’t and their reasons); we decorate our home with our traditional decor; we have Christmas parties and we give gifts. Nevertheless, Santa is nonexistent. I don’t buy any items with Santa on them – no household decorations, no paper products, no wrapping paper, etc. I don’t even like to use gift nametags with Santa on them. Our children have always known Christmas morning gifts come from us, their parents. Does this mean I believe my children are holier/more spiritual than other children? CERTAINLY NOT. It does mean my husband and I made a choice for our family in the hopes of helping our children focus just a little more on the birth of our Lord. It was our choice.


As homeschoolers we have the privilege of rubbing up against people who think differently from the rest of the world. I love attending homeschool conferences to hear what others have to say about our world, our culture, our ideas, and our traditions. I am grateful for the exposure, which has directed so many of our choices on many topics. Nevertheless, they are our choices. We’ve made many choices regarding Christmas, curriculum, post high school education, dating, church life, family life, etc., etc. We decided what the Christmas season would look like for us as we attempted to make it a meaningful, family, Christ-focused event and fun!


santa-or-no-santa-when-we-make-our-choices-let-us-be-very-very-careful-to-not-communicate-a-prideful-attitude-to-others-especially-to-our-childrenWhen we make our choices, let us be very, very careful to not communicate a prideful attitude to others, especially to our children. We have attempted to communicate to our children that our choices are for us and are not necessarily better than other choices. We keep the “no Santa” issue on the down low.  We aren’t afraid to speak about it when asked or when the subject comes up, but we don’t go around inappropriately espousing our views or proselytizing about it, possibly coming across as arrogant. This is true about our choices about many issues. I am very careful how I even say that I homeschool my children, or how courting has looked for us, or why we chose certain curriculum or a certain church. Oh, God, help me to not sound arrogant or proud because I know “pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling” and “when pride comes, then comes dishonor, but with the humble is wisdom.”


Carlotta Jackson has been homeschooling her children for over 25 years, and still going strong with her youngest.  You can read more about Mrs. Jackson in her previous blog posts:

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