Overcoming Ineptitude: The Jackson Story Part 2

The Jackson family officially embarked on the great homeschool adventure in the fall of 1989 when our eldest reached five years of age. After all my husband and I were/are academically astute folks so surely we could do this. Who can’t teach a five year old, right? By this time we were parents of four girls under five, having just had the latest in May.


file0001818791055We finished K5 and most of first grade; then, our first student took her first standardized test. She spent testing day with a brood of other homeschoolers, enjoying the process immensely. I looked forward to her scores with lofty anticipation, confident that they would reflect the bright child that she was and the marvelous teacher that she had. Those scores finally arrived in the mail. I opened them up with eagerness. Then my mouth fell open. Shock took over my brain; disappointment crushed my soul; dismay shook my confidence. She practically failed the thing! I asked myself, “What would our parents say? How did all of my other friends’ children do? Am I a failure or what?”


I picked up the phone and dialed the only veteran homeschooler (one of those from the early 1980s I mentioned last time) I knew. I told her we had received the scores, and she immediately replied, “Knowing your daughter, I guess she did absolutely wonderful.”


“Hmm. Well. No. Her scores are awful, just awful!” I lamented.


Quickly, she replied, “Well, at least you did not turn her over to the god of Molech.” To be honest, at the time I wasn’t quite sure who Molech was (the Ammonite god to whom child sacrifices were made), but I understood completely what she said and I nodded. On that day the Lord shored up in my heart the reason I began the homeschooling journey, and I knew I would homeschool until it was finished. The days would eventually come into our family when it would be tempting to turn our children over to the god of Molech than even this day; however, we never did. I have no regrets.


P.S. – This daughter earned scholarships to attend Erskine College, taught the sciences in the International School in Caracas, Venezuela, founded and still directs Royal Family KIDS Mat-Su (foster child ministry), and was recently appointed by the Governor of Alaska to the Social Work Examiner Board in addition to being a wife and mom of three little ones even though she flunked her first achievement test and was homeschooled by inept parents.


Carlotta Jackson has been homeschooling her children for over 25 years, and still going strong with her youngest.